Three Benefits of Custom Retail/E-Commerce Software Suites

There is no doubt that COVID has changed the way society does business. It is also unlikely that in the near future we will revert back to the “normal” we are familiar with. The e-commerce software suite world has evolved quickly to accommodate the needs of the millions of people who are quarantining. As physical stores shutter their doors and shift to the online marketing world, e-commerce software development is becoming necessary to blend their unique business models with online engagement.

Long-time business owners may understandably feel nervous about shifting from physical stores to an increased online presence. However, there are significant benefits that can arise from using custom e-commerce software in the transition. This type of software will allow you to more efficiently manage the flow of information in your business. Ayoka Systems can be there for your project, whether it is to provide ongoing creative consultation or a one-time build to exact specifications.

Here are three of the major benefits of custom e-commerce software suites:


If your company is shifting toward an increased online presence, ensuring your employees receive their commissions is important. With custom e-commerce software, you can tailor commissions to better suit the logistics of your business. Off-the-shelf platforms will increase your costs and reduce the commissions you receive. These platforms usually carry with them ongoing costs that will be money in someone else’s pocket, not yours.

Custom e-commerce software can also help you if you run an online business in which you host multiple independent vendors selling their own unique merchandise. You can modify commissions and sale splits to accommodate the needs of your business and also keep your vendors satisfied with the commissions they will earn.

With the ability to create a custom commissions plan, you can also more easily predict future profits. The controls and administrative capabilities for your commission earnings will be entirely in your hands instead of another business. Of course, if you need technical assistance in modifying your plan, Ayoka Systems customer service will be available to help.

Data Entry

A custom e-commerce software suite will allow for enhanced capabilities when it comes to managing your inventory. Off-the-shelf platforms will ultimately have restrictions that your business will have to adapt to. Instead of adapting to a third party’s protocols for data entry, you can make your own as it best suits your business.

When it comes to managing inventory, you will experience the simplicity of having your system linked with vendors. As you grow and shift towards a heightened online presence, having your inventory restocked automatically will prove helpful. This will also save you time from creating physical paper trails that take up space and are outdated. The custom e-commerce software suite will be efficiently organized and allow you to access information faster than sorting through paperwork.

E-commerce software database optimization and design will also increase the efficiency of your business. With an increasing number of transactions, an optimized database will allow more efficient information-gathering about your business logistics. Less time spent trying to find an answer or a piece of data means more time you can spend coming up with new ideas for your business.

Software Integration

Custom e-commerce software will allow you to ensure there is integration between your business processes and the systems you use. As your business grows or adapts to changes, you may discover that you have outgrown some of your older software. If updates are needed, you can be confident knowing you can integrate them into your custom e-commerce software.

The increased connectivity we see online today also correlates to increased decentralization. Improving integration may allow you to avoid increased IT costs and stagnating productivity due to redundancy or usability issues.

If you have a diverse inventory, there will be an added layer of complexity involving software integration. It may be challenging to handle this inventory with an off-the-shelf platform. Instead, Ayoka Systems can provide the responsiveness you need to upgrade and integrate your new systems.

E-commerce Software and Cybersecurity

Evolving to a new e-commerce software suite for your business may feel daunting at first. However, Ayoka Systems can also offer a security assessment to ensure that your new systems can continue operations in the event of a cyberattack. Threats and attacks in the cyber world are growing, and with more businesses shifting their assets online, there will be a higher likelihood of more cyberattacks. Ayoka Systems can provide a thorough cybersecurity assessment. You may also receive ongoing assistance to prevent cyberattacks and learn what to do in the event of a cyberattack to ensure continued operations.

Ayoka Systems is Ready to Help You Take the Next Step

When it comes to business, change and evolution is a constant variable you must take into consideration. Ayoka Systems is here and ready to help you take that next step into the e-commerce world. With more people becoming increasingly “online,” there is no doubt that the e-commerce software world is the next frontier for businesses that want to continue to grow and serve their customers.

The above benefits are just a few of the many positive effects your business will experience if it switches to customized e-commerce software. As your business evolves to meet the needs of your customers, you will find an increase in efficiency and productivity if you invest in a custom e-commerce software solution.

If you are looking for a customized solution that will fit your needs and match the personality of your business, contact Ayoka Systems.