Foxconn – largest contract manufacturer in the world, for electronics ranging from Apple iPhone to HP Printers.

Ayoka was involved in the launch of the Apple iPhone. Ayoka developed a custom Java application (Spring, Hibernate, Oracle) to process repair service orders sent via EDI messages and queued them up for work on the manufacturing shopfloor. Each iPhone repair order originated from Apple’s SAP system (Web Dispatcher). Once phones were received, Ayoka’s software notified Apple’s SAP system and Ayoka’s software updated status as the phones progressed through different stations at the shopfloor. In addition to user input, this application integrated with equipment (e.g. laser etchers, Agilent test gear, ZPrinter, etc.) to track and display status. Once the phones were repaired and tested, Ayoka’s software integrated with FedEx to determine shipping charges and generate labels, then Ayoka’s software updated Apple’s SAP system with the tracking number. Based on the repair operations performed on the shopfloor (services and parts repaired or replaced), the software generated XML claims files to Apple for Foxconn to calculate receivables.

“Offering such a wide range of custom applications is rare…[Ayoka’s Services are] hard to find,” “Those are truly custom applications, and there are only a few companies out there that do that. You have to really look to find them. Many companies will simply try to develop the capability in-house. The need has been around for years — there just hasn’t been anyone doing it.”
-Joe Crosswell, manager for the technology solutions group at the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center in Arlington, TX (quoted from article “Made to Order” by Margaret Allen, Staff writer, Dallas Business Journal)