Local Houston Custom Software Development You Can Afford.

At Ayoka, we build custom software that helps you conquer the status quo, put an end to “We can’t”, and make your business run the way it SHOULD.

Even better, we make it easy to get fast ROI and pay as you grow.

Launch in 90 Days | Rapid Development | Low Lift for Your Team | Improve Operations Faster

Now, You Can RENT Custom Software from Ayoka

Our clients save 85% on the upfront cost of custom software development with our leasing option. 

  • Off the shelf software never fits quite right.
  • Custom software has a high upfront cost.

Don’t let budget issues stand in the way. Get exactly what you need from truly custom software that you rent for an affordable monthly fee.

Watch this video about the NEW way to get 100% made in the USA custom software for less.

Want traditional custom software that you own? We can build it that way too. The choice is yours!

Software At Your Service

Choose our Houston custom software development team when you need to:

  • Keep your legacy systems working longer
  • Upgrade and add features to your existing software
  • Take on ambitious new software projects to grow your business

How Are Businesses Using Our Custom Software to Drive Value?

Our clients are in industries like manufacturing, construction, supply chain, home services, and healthcare. They have complex operations that benefit from software that TRULY fits their business for efficiency, profitability, competitive advantage, and resilience. Common areas for customized solutions include:

Estimation | Scheduling | Job Approval | Invoicing | Scheduling | Reminders | Shipping Integration | Dashboards for Job Costing |Profitability Forecasts for WIP

How We Ensure Your Success on Every Project

  1. The #1 thing you will notice is this: We ASK BETTER QUESTIONS so you get a better result. We love to get on-site and hands on to understand your processes.
  2. We reduce development time and improve project outcomes by making sure you get what you REALLY want and need, including the things you didn’t know to ask for!
  3. We collaborate closely with you & your team to end up with software that they WANT to use every day.

Why Work with a Local Houston Software Company?

We get on-site and hands-on with understanding YOUR business and processes to build software that solves your real problems.

INSERT VIDEO HERE https://ayokasystems.com/wp-content/uploads/Local-Custom-Software-Development.mp4 

100% US based team – Collaborative Process – Affordable Options – Secure & Reliable Solutions – Software Your People Want to Use – No Hidden Costs – Full Long Term Support

We Make Integration with Your Current Technology Simple

Our subscription based custom software connects with the platforms and systems you already use.

  • ERP integration (Sage, SAP, NetSuite, Oracle, etc.)
  • QuickBooks / Accounting software integration.
  • CRM integration (Go High Level, etc.)
  • Single sign-on with Microsoft, Apple, and/or Google.
  • Calendar integration with Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.
  • Payment card processing (agnostic, any system with API’s)
  • e-signing (HIPAA compliant or otherwise)
  • Video conferencing (HIPAA compliant)
  • Shipping integration (FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL)
  • Bar Code scanning
  • PLC / HMI integration

FAQs about Rented Custom Software

We develop our software to be highly programmable so we can adjust it to fit individual businesses with ease.
No, our software is 100% made in the USA by our in-house team.
There is minimal upfront investment and an affordable monthly fee to lease the software.
We are. We keep it running, secure, and updated so you can focus on running your business.
Yes, one of the benefits of leasing customizable software is that it can grow with your business to deliver even more value.
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