Which Industries Need Custom Software?

Virtually every industry could use custom software solutions. Think about your own company for a minute. How much more effective could your software become if it melded with your business practices? How much time could you save on manual entry and other tasks? Think about your potential ROI. Though nearly any company can benefit from custom software, some industries need it more than others. We’ve listed those industries below. If any of these traits sound familiar to you, then Ayoka can help you create the perfect solutions.

Regulated Industries

Highly regulated industries absolutely need custom software solutions. Examples include the financial industry, healthcare, transportation, and more. Why do these industries need custom software? Because certain solutions can make their day-to-day business much easier. For example, many of these businesses submit compliance reports. They must prove that their products and processes live up to government standards. Custom software lets these businesses create clear and easy reports. As a result, they can save a lot of time and shift their focus to other things.

Industries that require lots of testing can also use custom software. Some industries need a lot of product testing before they can release those products to the public. Other industries must meet health testing standards. Companies that produce food, for instance, must test their products for certain health dangers. Once again, a custom software solution can make the process simpler and faster.

Finally, industries with complex HR rules can make life easier with custom software solutions. Let’s say, for example, that your industry limits the hours that people can work. Custom software can help you track those hours. If your industry requires certification, custom software can help you track that certification and let you know when somebody’s certificate is about to expire. When you don’t have to track these things yourself, you can focus on growing your business and serving your clients instead.

Complex Contract Management

Businesses with complex contracts need custom software so that they can keep up with the fine print. The gas and oil industry is one of the biggest examples, but plenty of industries use complex contracts. If your business hires independent contractors, for instance, you’ll have to follow different rules than you would for salaried workers. Custom software solutions can help you keep track of taxes and other relevant information. If your industry provides a lot of diverse job types, then that means a lot of diverse contracts. For example, let’s look at the healthcare industry again. Doctors and nurses have very different jobs than administrators. If your company’s contracts vary a lot, then custom software can help you manage those contracts in a simple, organized way.

Complex Billing

For some industries, billing is simple. For others, it involves a lot of steps and a lot of people. Again, the healthcare industry gives us the best example. Sometimes, people have to make their payments in several steps. Without the right software, healthcare facilities may struggle to keep track. Healthcare billing also involves a lot of different entities. Medicare, Medicaid, and health insurance companies handle different parts of the same bill. The right software can ensure that everybody receives the correct billing and communication.

Other facts can also make billing complicated. For example, the gas and oil industry often has to work with complex billing rules. They must decide which items can be reimbursed and which ones can’t, for instance. Custom software solutions can keep track of these rules and simplify the billing process.

Complex Work Planning

Some industries come with a simple step-by-step work day. Others do not. For those that don’t, custom software solutions can make life easier. Sometimes, work-related tasks overlap with one another. One step might involve multiple people, or one person’s task may depend on another person getting things done. Your software can help you organize tasks and timelines so that the workday becomes simpler. Maintenance jobs especially can benefit from customized software. These jobs must maintain several steps, and each of these steps involves complex safety rules. By using custom software to keep track, maintenance managers can make their projects simpler and safer.

Running Ledgers

While we’re on the subject of complex work planning, let’s talk about running ledgers. Industries that depend on running ledgers can get a lot from custom software solutions. When you’ve got different people doing different jobs at the same time, custom software can help you keep track. With custom software, you can create and maintain running ledgers that update as needed.

Custom Software Solutions

Do any of the above traits describe your industry? Looking for your own custom software solutions? Ayoka Systems can provide custom software for your business. With custom solutions, you can make your business life run more smoothly and simply. Ready for your best business software? Get in touch with us today.