Custom Software: What New Managers Need to Know

Switching to custom software is a great business decision. It will help make your business overall much more effective and efficient. Working with off-the-shelf software can be frustrating. Often it does not fit exactly with your company’s needs. This is where custom software comes into play. It is built from the ground up. The software is designed to fit your company’s mission, vision, and overall goals. If you are a new manager seeking change by transitioning to custom software, there are some things you need to know. Read on to learn more about switching to a custom software platform.


The first thing managers should consider when switching to custom software is the budget. At Ayoka Systems, we are focused on creating custom software for your business that is within your budget. Keep in mind, custom software is generally a greater investment than off-the-shelf software. Despite the initial higher investment, many businesses that use custom software see a reduction in costs and a high return on investment. Discuss your budget with Ayoka, and we will help you find a solution that is cost-effective for you.

Industry-Specific Custom Software

The most important thing to know about custom software from Ayoka Systems is that it is industry-specific. We have clients across all sorts of industries, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, financial, e-government, and transportation. This allows us to understand what types of software are needed based on the day-to-day processes and operations specific to each industry. We want to work with you to figure out what you need from the software. Since the software is built from the ground up, we can focus on what works and is needed in your specific industry.

Improves Processes

Another thing for managers to be aware of is that custom software will greatly improve operations. While this is a good thing, it will require the manager to think about how things will change with the new processes. Employees will be able to do tasks a lot faster, meaning they will have free time to work on other tasks. The custom software route may cause managers to reallocate work differently. It can also allow managers to assign staff to different roles. Processes such as customer orders or returns can now be customized exactly to your liking instead of trying to modify an off-the-shelf system. In addition, the software can produce reports in a timely manner. Instead of an employee having to pull together data by piecemeal, the software can produce reports with the exact information you need – instantly.

Realistic Completion Time

Another issue that management needs to be aware of is the realistic completion time of switching to custom software. Managers should understand that changes made along the way could delay the timeline. In addition, it is essential that the software is not rolled out too soon. It needs to be thoroughly tested. All bugs need to be addressed before it goes live. There is a fine line between releasing it too early and waiting too long. At Ayoka Systems, we help you to find that balance so you can roll your software out at the perfect time.

Employee Training

As with any new system or cultural change, employee training will be necessary. Managers should set aside time dedicated to training employees on the new software. All employees interacting with the software should attend the training sessions. In addition, employees should understand their specific responsibilities when interacting with the software. The better they are trained, the easier the rollout of the new software will be.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Managers also need to consider cross-platform compatibility when implementing new software. This has to do with how the new software will integrate and communicate with preexisting software. Before the software design process begins, share any cross-platform compatibility needs with Ayoka Systems. This will be very helpful to know as we design the software to work effectively in your business.

Custom Software Mobile Use

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

In today’s digital age, many companies are using mobile devices. Mobile devices help the company run more smoothly. Mobile devices include phones and tablets, so the software should work on these devices. Before the software development phase begins, have a discussion with Ayoka about what types of software you need for mobile devices.

Relationship with A Custom Software Development Firm

Using custom software for your business can come with a lot of questions. Ayoka understands that implementing new software is a process. We want managers to rest assured that our team is here to help. Even after delivery, we are available to make changes, provide support, and continuously develop the software. We are more than happy to help support you every step of the way.

Switching to custom software is a big step for a company to take. Not only will it change the culture of your business, but it will also make processes much more effective and efficient. As a manager, there are some important things to think about during this transition to custom software.

Managers need to set a budget for the software development process. They should also brainstorm what they want the software to do. In addition, managers should understand how long software development will take and create a staff training plan based on that timeline. It is also important to think about potential cross-platform integration needs. Also, consider whether or not you need the software to work on mobile devices. Last but not least, Ayoka Systems wants managers to know that we are here to support them in this custom software journey every step of the way. From planning to development to implementation and beyond, we want to help create high-quality software by providing top-notch support. For more information about our custom software services, contact Ayoka Systems today.