Keeping up with the …Developers

I have a friend of mine who was born a couple generations too late, she is a hippie at heart and I often tease her for her views of peace, love and happiness above everything else.

zach morris phone

However, it does get me thinking about community and what it means to people who actually try and live in this century.

Technology fields are constantly evolving, changing as fast as Murphy’s Law allows it to and as developers we try to always stay on the forefront of technology. After all who wants a web site that still looks and runs like it was built in 1998 (check for some awesome examples of the beginning of widespread internet usage).

It’s like every time you buy a new phone it updates with the latest operating system and all of the sudden your new phone runs like an old Nokia brick that you saw Zach Morris use in Saved by the Bell.

Luckily though, software developers are a lot like my hippie friend in a lot of respects.

We reach out, talk, and ask questions in order to help everyone succeed for the greater good.

Sites like allow developers to reach out to people around the world to get help when we run into an issue we can’t solve. You can talk to developers who work for major companies like Google and Microsoft, so even if we can’t always be at the forefront of the newest technology, help is just a few clicks away.

Thank goodness for the internet, and a little bit of hippie mentality.