Are you ready to build the next killer cloud app?

I attended a webinar today hosted by about their new Sites platform, something I’ve mentioned earlier on this blog and which is generating quite a bit of interest in the cloud-computing space. There was a bit of additional information I got from the webinar, including forecasted availability (GA release summer of next year), initial pricing information, and a demo of how to setup a simple site. It seems like creating a site from existing APEX pages is really easy, and getting started with a site costs nothing additional. Once you reach a certain number of page views (starting at 50K, depending on your subscription) then you pay for that additional usage. Finally, they introduced a new developer challenge for anyone who creates a Site to compete in. It’s a pretty cool way to advertise the platform as well as the developers creating interesting apps for it. So, if you have that amazing idea for a site, why not tell us about it and maybe we can help you develop it?