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What can WebAssembly do for your software application?

WebAssembly (or “wasm” for short) is a project backed by Mozilla, Google, Microsoft, and Apple that was created to bring the Web to its next logical step. The project, which is built by Firefox, Edge, Chromium, and WebKit development teams, aims to not bring about a faster and more powerful, and more efficient Web, but also streamline the process of creating Web applications by becoming the new standard for Web-app development.

The new standard is built to evolve alongside and complement the current JavaScript standard rather than replace it. With the evolution of both JavaScript and wasm, JavaScript may evolve to include more features, but wasm will be used to carry the weight and improve upon the flaws of JS.

How WebAssembly Will Impact Software Development

The most immediate impact of wasm is that the project will make browsing webpages more efficient and far faster. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg and is probably one of the smallest benefits of the standard. There are still a number of other benefits that can positively affect application development.

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Powerful and Streamlined Application Development

This new standard could provide software development teams with the capability to take a powerful software application that would normally be restricted to a standalone desktop application and make it functional on Web browsers. As well as simplifying and streamlining the development process, making the creation of web apps easier than ever.

For business purposes, this is incredible. Often, a developer will be forced to either make their software application only compatible with a single operating system or spend time and money porting their application to be compatible with other systems or devices. But with wasm, they can make nearly any application compatible with nearly every popular system, from iOS, and Android to Windows, OS X, and Linux.

The more you look at the details, the better wasm seems. It offers software and application developers a better way to compile application code. Making the compilation of performance critical code easier than it’s ever been before and saving developers a lot of frustration. As well as being able to compile other languages that would normally be unusable for web development, opening the doors to huge amounts of freedom when designing web apps and giving developers the ability to make them more powerful than ever.

Mozilla and their partners have given developers a powerful tool for web development. Allowing them access to low-level building blocks, which can let them construct essentially any application they want.

Universal Support

Probably the most encouraging aspect of wasm is that it will be nearly universally supported. Due to being a collaborative effort between the industry giants which are normally rival, as soon as wasm is available, it will ship with the support of every major web browser. Allowing powerful cross-platform compatibility.

This is a huge deal for a technical standard. Adoption of standards is extremely important to their survival, many standards die before widespread support. Whereas wasm already has the support of every major web browser on launch day.

The project is built by teams from every major web browser companies, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Mozilla, the four biggest names in web browsers. This means that wasm is designed for extensive support and adoption from the world’s four biggest web browsers: Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox, giving it extreme cross-platform capabilities.

This level of collaboration between companies that are normally rivals is astounding. Especially when you consider how competitive the technological fields are. However, this project is set to take the tech world by storm. Allowing the performance of a desktop application in a web app, this technology can be used for a number of amazing applications from advanced browser-based video editing to gaming or virtual reality activities. Users would also be capable of accessing wasm applications from any device due to its collaborative development by all the major web-browser teams. Without having to worry about separate downloads or installations.

Built to Complement JavaScript

Much of today’s Web infrastructure was created using JavaScript, a Web development-based language created during the mid-90s. Without JS, most web pages would be static, and dynamic features would be almost impossible to implement into a web page. But with the advent of JavaScript, dynamic website content creation became easy for anyone to create, giving developers the power to create anything from simple web games to small applets or even entire Web applications.

JavaScript isn’t the only Web development language to allow for features like this, but it is by far the most widespread. And now wasm looks to improve upon JS in both ease of use and application power. While it may seem like wasm is some sort of replacement for JavaScript, that assumption isn’t completely accurate. This new standard isn’t built to replace JavaScript, but instead, it’s built to add to it and evolve alongside it.

The co-evolution of JavaScript and wasm means that while JavaScript could evolve to include more APIs and features, wasm will be used to fill in the gaps and provide the heavy lifting power needed to run fully featured web applications.

Ayoka – WebAssembly Development Company

WebAssembly is a project lead by Mozilla and backed by the biggest names in technology. It’s built to complement JavaScript and provide developers with the tools necessary to bring about a faster Web, as well as streamlining the web app development process. But most importantly, it can allow for far more powerful and fully featured web applications with the same scope and power as many standalone desktop-based applications. As well as allowing for simple and easy cross-platform support, allowing developers to get their web application to as large an audience as possible with little hassle. Call Ayoka Systems today at 817-210-4042 to serve as your webassembly development company!