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Our Houston software development company office was launched to provide our clients with high level local and collaborative services for web, database, and AI coding. Following the model we began in our Dallas/Fort Worth headquarters, we seek to be responsive and provide in-person collaboration. Industrial, supply chain, healthcare, and other businesses from The Woodlands to Sugar Land to Texas City have trusted Ayoka Systems for American employees focused on customer service and skills including:

  • software programming & mobile app coding
  • database development
  • cloud computing and cloud hosting, e.g. AWS, Azure, etc.
  • systems integration, e.g. EDI messaging, API integration, industrial data communications, etc.
  • PLC integration / factory automation
  • application maintenance and support

Our difference at Ayoka – you can call someone, even talk to your developers. Just be prepared to speak Texan! Ayoka was founded in 2002 to provide a human touch in custom software engineering services. Today, with many clients needing to modernize their apps or migrate to the cloud, we help companies bring in those spreadsheets and reports that live outside of their systems and power their day-to-day operations. Ayoka’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and products tailored to meet operational needs, has allowed our clients to expand and grow while building their reputations forged on client satisfaction.

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Your specialty is our business:

Custom Software Development

We work hands-on with our clients to upgrade their old, legacy programs or create new applications from the ground up to meet specific business needs or deal with today’s security threats. At Ayoka, we pride ourselves in putting our team on-site with your team, in your world – whether it’s a factory, industrial site, or wherever matters to your customers. By seeing how your team works in the real world, we can design code to ensure it improves actual day-to-day operations and produces a return on investment.

Hardware Integration Services

From PLC integration to collecting data from sensors, 3rd party or other equipment, our hardware integration services are designed to help clients with business goals such as automatic generation of quality metrics, client portals for reporting data, or reducing labor costs.

Mobile App Development

Our mobile apps are designed to drive higher quality jobs and improve efficiency and cash flow, especially for field employees or workers who are on-site at industrial locations like oil refineries, pipeline inspections, or machinery maintenance. Our team is poised to help enterprises in a wide variety of fields create their own custom mobile apps to make their organizations more functional on the go.

Database Development

Businesses run on data, so without an effective database development company, you can’t get the reports or data you need and want. If you’re running a 3rd party application or a stack of them that don't meet your needs, give us a call to build what you’ve been envisioning. Our custom app design practices have enhanced operational workflow in a variety of industries.

At Ayoka, our objective is to provide our customers with the best service and products to meet their unique operational needs. We apply code innovative tools to support rapid growth of your business.

For more information about custom application development, integration or maintenance services, Call us today at 832-956-1861.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you hopping from one software to another to get things done?

This issue is common, and it’s also time consuming. We can verify processes with you, and we can improve on them by creating custom software that consolidates and simplifies process steps.

Are employees performing manual tasks that a computer can do?

Manual tasks usually take longer, and they leave more room for error. Where possible, we can automate tasks that reduce turnaround time, and minimize waste.

Do you have security, HIPAA, COPPA, GDPR, concerns with data?

Most industries have to be in compliance with one or more data privacy laws. We can create custom software that ensures your business is in compliance with all current data regulations. This includes future updates as regulations change.

Are you using a legacy system that is outdated, inefficient or fragile?

It’s our job to understand new technology trends. We can then evaluate how a legacy system can be updated to improve efficiency. Where possible, we can modify existing systems, or we can also create a new custom software solution.

Is your software flexible enough to handle changes in your business?

Systems and technology are constantly changing. Where possible, we can evaluate a current system to understand if it’s a candidate for improvement or integration. We also create custom software solutions that are designed to change as your business changes and grows.

Are you worried that your current software will become obsolete?

It’s common for businesses to continue using software that has worked well for them. However, it’s also important to be open to how a different software solution can improve processes, reduce task time, costs, and waste. At Ayoka, it’s our job to work with you so that you understand the software solutions that could help improve your business.

Like what you see?

Contact us today. We’d love to get the ball rolling on your next great idea!

AYO Landing

9-5 Mon-Fri
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