Software Development Trends That SMB Owners Should Know About

Software development trends are always changing. Why shouldn’t they? After all, the tech world must evolve. However, 2019 has brought some extra, exciting changes into software development. As a matter of fact, we’ve noticed some distinct changes in the SMB software world. If you run a small to medium-sized business, then check out the list below. Here, you’ll find the software trends that could impact the way you do business in the next several years. As always, if you have any questions, the Ayoka team is here and ready to help.


Local Focus

SMB owners know the value of buying local, so is it any wonder that they’re turning to local sources for their software? These days, buyers know that local is usually best. When American SMB owners get their software from engineers in the US, they notice plenty of benefits. For one thing, they can have faster communication with their software developers. so they can stay on top of any changes or recent software development trends. Local products also mean better quality products, and they often come with a faster turnaround, too.



More and more businesses are looking for software customization these days. This is one software development trend that likely won’t slow down any time soon. Customization provides a more seamless experience than the one-size-fits-all approach to software. Instead of meeting the broadest needs, customization looks at the business as an individual, analyzing its biggest priorities. It doesn’t just guess what your needs are. It provides for those needs specifically. SMB owners often prioritize uniqueness, valuing the things that set them apart from other businesses. Custom software solutions maximize the things that make SMBs stand out.


Increasing Mobility

Billions of people around the world use smart phones. Mobility is on the rise, and it’s not stopping. As a result, many software development trends center around mobility. Lots of SMBs have added mobility to their software. Many have created apps for their client base, which makes it easier for clients to shop and book services. Others use mobility to track inventory or to foster communication between different departments. In any case, increased mobility makes business life easier for a lot of users.


The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things refers to objects that can connect to the internet. The IoT is on the rise, especially within the agricultural field. Engineers are creating more efficient ways for farming and factory equipment to communicate with one another. Thanks to the IoT, equipment can also effectively communicate when it needs maintenance. Soon enough, this trend may move into other professions as well.


Mixed Reality

When virtual reality and augmented reality come together, it’s called mixed reality. To create mixed reality, developers create ways to add virtual elements into the real world. For example, when a game involves catching virtual creatures in one’s normal environment, that game is using mixed reality. Engineers have seen a lot more mixed reality within recent software development trends. Obviously, it exists within the entertainment world, but it has shown up in the medical field, too. In the future, we may see more medical mixed reality for training purposes.


Business Intelligence and Marketing

SMB owners have gotten smarter about their business intelligence possibilities. They know that strong business intelligence starts with a good database. As a result, many recent trends focus on custom databases. SMB owners are using this technology to get the information that they want, make sense of different patterns, and then make effective changes within their businesses. Often, business owners use their business intelligence tools to make their marketing more effective. They get to know their clients and customers so that they know how to create the best campaigns.


Better Security

Hackers are always getting smarter. Then again, so are software developers. Recently, software security has gotten much tighter. As a result, business owners and their clients can breathe a little easier. Of course, the most secure software is customized software. Mass-produced software can be compromised much more easily than custom solutions can. As security gets better and better, adding customization to your software can take your security up a notch.


Software Development Trends

At Ayoka Solutions, we’re always keeping an eye out for the latest software development trends. As a matter of fact, we often start those trends ourselves. Our innovative team is always looking for cutting-edge ways to stay ahead of the game. At the same time, though, we know the tried and true methods that work every time. When you want custom software solutions with the best innovation, get in touch with the Ayoka team. We’ll listen to your exact software needs and build the solutions that will work best for you. Ready to get started? Then contact us today. The Ayoka team would love to hear from you. Find out why we’re known for “bringing joy to all.”