Customer Success = Local Software Development

It’s a new business era. Mergers & Acquisitions – joy for who?

Ayoka means “one who brings joy to all!”  This embodies all aspects of our application services company.  We are determined to bring back the trust to the field of application development and joy to all of our clients.

The goal of technology is to improve or make better.  However, over the years application development has gotten a bad reputation from offshore vendors and overpriced “consulting” costs associated with the top tier companies.  In addition, many “software development” firms are simply website design firms or “virtual” companies that are not capable of building applications that achieve business objectives.

At Ayoka, our philosophy is “for the love of our clients’ business.”  Application development that brings joy to our customers, brings joy to every one of the employees at Ayoka!  We enjoy the teaming and collaborative nature of application development.  We revel in learning about new industries, from trucking to hospital management.  We are fascinated by the way our clients think and celebrate when we are able to implement their thinking into the applications that will drive their businesses to the next level.  Each day at Ayoka we learn something new, whether it is about what we do or what you do…it all brings joy to you!

Expectations for our Clients are not to find a custom software development firm that simply follows orders or requires detailed specifications to proceed, but instead our Clients are seeking a collaborative approach to software development services, to get cost-effective, fully customizable software applications with the personal support found only in an American software development company. Getting it done right, and under a tight deadline, are crucial for Ayoka’s software development Clients.

Clients come to Ayoka to:

  • Build a software application
  • Enhance or remediate an existing software program
  • Integrate components (software and hardware)

Examples of our Client services include:

Application development services

  • Create new software products or software intellectual property
  • Add features to existing software applications
  • Perform upgrades with research and development of new technologies
  • Convert existing desktop software to web applications
  • Upgrade legacy systems and migrate databases

Application integration services

  • Connect enterprise business applications, such as accounting systems, inventory systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, or sales force automation (SFA) programs
  • Connect hardware (e.g. PLC integration, control systems) to software systems
  • VoIP integration with enterprise business applications

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Below are examples of Ayoka clients: