Development of a business analytics solution allows organizations to turn performance and measurement data into simulations or “what-if” scenarios to predict outcomes. Business analytics solutions are increasingly vital to help companies and organizations that face vast amounts of data and systemic change, and who are looking to build more flexible, responsive business systems. Business analytics solutions model alternatives to complex problems, identify trends and predict outcomes in numerous industries, from everything from consumer products & retail to the manufacture and testing of defense electronics. By translating operations into mathematical models and applying optimization algorithms, Ayoka enables customers to consolidate and transform data, map out scenarios and make intelligent decisions based on likely outcomes.

Today’s enterprises need to sort through numerous choices, make decisions quickly and accurately, and act decisively. Ayoka is ready to help. Our unique application development approach involving hands-on, in-person collaboration, combined with application development and experience developing business intelligence solutions, help transition our clients’ businesses into more effective enterprises.

The concept of developing a business analytics solution is to go beyond dashboards or conventional business intelligence reports, which focus on what has happened or what is happening. Business analytics solutions enable users see key patterns in vast amounts of data, to extract critical insights and move to a new level of business intelligence. By working together to develop a business intelligence framework, Ayoka builds a highly flexible business analytics solution for predicting, planning, and budgeting – in a dynamic tool owned by managers or users in the line of business, not another application controlled by IT.

By harnessing Ayoka’s information management services, companies in diverse industries, from manufacturing to health care, have developed a range of business analytics solutions customized to their business. In many cases, supplying data to the business analytics solution does not require new sensors or expensive upgrades – data can be collected through applications that operate in-line with business operations, such as hardware integration or PLC integration.

Business Analytics Solution – Business Problem:

As one of the largest distributors of equipment to educational facilities nationwide, this client needed to improve customer satisfaction and increase retention.

Business Analytics Solution – Technical Resolution:

Developed a framework to collect and integrate data from marketing, distribution and inventory management channels, including SAP business warehouse, in order to manage the loading of data into different test scenarios and business models.

Business Analytics Solution – ROI:

Client was able to perform simulation and optimization of different scenarios, providing more quantitative measures of customer service and a improved insight on business process improvement.

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