Monitoring your business applications in real time

What can application monitoring do for you?

Monitoring solutions allow you to manage web applications in data centers, virtual environments, or in the cloud. You get detailed reporting and analysis on critical data that analyze IT and web operation service levels, resource utilization efficiency, exception reports, and operations strategies.

Monitoring and Reporting

Hyperic is a set of open source tools designed and maintained by SpringSource, a division of VMWare.  Hyperic is used by many organizations to monitor their IT infrastructure, including cNet, Comcast, Intuit, Contegix, and Real Networks. Ayoka has deep experience with Hyperic and can help your firm implement a smart monitoring solution.

Application Management Services: Hyperic-Automated IT
Application Management Services: Hyperic-Automated IT

Hyperic Features

Auto Discovery

Hyperic HQ auto-discovery is intended to reduce implementation effort and complexity. It manages, monitoring, and controls large IT environments ranging from hundreds to thousands of machines. It tracks software inventory and automatically informs you when changes occur, such as when software updates are downloaded or when network identifiers change. Out of the box, HQ can auto-discover over 70 operating systems, applications servers, HTPP servers, databases, and other resources.

Real Time Monitoring

Hyperic HQ monitoring enables rapid implementation as well as significant configurability. Monitoring is automatic, as HQ will start recording information as soon as you import auto-discovered resources to inventory. The default metric collection provides immediate visibility into availability, performance, utilization, and throughput.

Hyperic lets you view performance and availability results from multiple perspectives. Depending on your role and responsibility, you can view data for individual resources, group of resources, or at the application level.

Capacity Planning

While it’s good to solve problems once they occur, it’s infinitely better to avoid them altogether. Hyperic HQ assists in capacity planning so that your application services scale appropriately with increasing demand. What do you need to maintain current service levels over the next few years? Hyperic HQ can help you make wise IT investment decisions.

Automatic Recovery

Monitoring without action isn’t very useful. Hyperic HQ gives operators access to life-cycle control and housekeeping processes. Ayoka can use HQ’s remote control facilities to administer platforms without the need for expensive travel and in-person IT technician visits.

Event Management

With its monitoring services at the backbone, Hyperic can be configured to alert management upon certain key events. Say, if a database goes down, Ayoka staff can be immediately and automatically alerted. The alert types are completely customizable: they can be set on a single resource, a group of resources, or an entire application. The alert conditions can be based on metric thresholds, inventory property changes, configuration changes, and log events.

The notifications can be e-mails, SMS, or performing a scripted action (such as a server restart).

What other options are there?

Hyperic is not the only show in town: Ayoka is familiar with Spiceworks, New Relic, and many others. If your IT infrastructure is becoming unmanageable, call Ayoka today for a consultation.