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Let us worry about all the hosting hassles while you focus on what really matters. By leveraging our own AWS spend, our customers actually save up to 15% while we manage their hosting.

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AWS (Amazon Web Services) has been providing world-class hosting for software applications of any size, shape and requirement for 15+ years. We’ve dealt with countless web hosts through the years, and in our professional opinion, AWS is a leading cloud service provider for speed, reliability, and flexibility.

Supported by Ayoka

For nearly 20 years, Ayoka has been creating and customizing database-backed web applications and mobile apps for clients of all sizes, all across the country, in a diversified range of industries. Ayoka headquarters are located in Arlington, TX, about a mile from AT&T Stadium. We pride ourselves on our excellent service and personalized customer support.

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As previously mentioned, we build, renovate, rescue and restore all types of web applications. So, if you like the sound of only dealing with one company to take care of all things software... look no further. Our clients are frequently shocked at how much time and money can be saved just by having everything in one place.


Clients from every industry, of every size, trust Ayoka to manage their hosting.


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Client Stories

Already hosting with AWS? We review, optimize and manage your project - worst case, your monthly spend stays the same.

Sports Video Production

As the industry leader in sports video production, athlete schedule coordination, sports choreography, and sports production, our client was experiencing strong growth. Our client was satisfied with AWS as their hosting provider, but was seeking a responsive IT partner who would actually answer the phone. Ayoka Systems took over the management of our client’s web hosting environment. This allowed our client to focus on handling their growing number of actor/athletes and bookings for relevant casting calls. High availability and video performance are of paramount importance to our client, which was designed into their cloud computing environment.

From: $281/mo (self-managed on AWS)
To: $250/mo (Ayoka managed on AWS)
AWS Services
  • Windows t3a.small
  • Windows t3.small
  • Elastic Load Balancer
  • db.t2.small running SQL Server Express (LI)
  • db.t3.small running SQL Server Web (LI)

Financial Services

A leading financial service company, managing unique assets with distinct valuation models, tapped Ayoka Systems to create a financial software platform tailored their business model. The software serves a high-end community of family offices with concierge financial services, who demand a proprietary system with security, high availability, and responsiveness for their users. This system comprehensively tracks resources from families, including their business, real estate, antique cars, collectibles or other assets beyond a traditional portfolio. Ayoka continues to provide AWS cloud monitoring and security assessment for our client and their customers.

From: $407/mo (self-managed on AWS, no independent security reviews)
To: $385/mo (Ayoka managed on AWS, includes services for quarterly security reviews)
AWS Services
  • Windows t2.small
  • Windows t3a.medium
  • Elastic Load Balancer
  • Elastic Compute Cloud
  • Lightsail
  • Route S3
  • Security Hub
  • db.t2.medium running SQL Server Express (LI)
  • db.m4.large running SQL Server Web (LI)

Marketing Agency - SaaS Company

A marketing brand management company engaged Ayoka Systems to design a high performance cloud computing (web hosting) environment to host their database and supplier management systems. This supplier database initiative is an application that provides a single source for bringing together the marketing agencies core business applications and information repositories. Through data transfer and reconciliation, this unified application database provides significantly increased capabilities to perform sourcing, inquiries, and report generation, while consolidating the management of suppliers, retailers and brokers. The application framework is designed to support future functions, such as management of contracts, collections, and items and specifications. Originally developed across in-house virtualized servers and Microsoft Azure, Ayoka consolidated the IT hosting environment on AWS for improved response times and data access.

From: $2876/mo (managed by a 3rd party IT hosting company using Microsoft Azure)
To: $2330/mo (Ayoka managed on AWS)
AWS Services
  • Linux t2.micro
  • Linux t3a.small
  • Linux t2.small
  • Linux t3a.medium
  • Linux t3.medium
  • Linux t2.medium
  • Linux t3a.large
  • Linux t2.large
  • Windows m4.large
  • Windows c4.xlarge
  • Snapshot data stored - US East (Northern Virginia)
  • General Purpose SSD (gp2) provisioned storage - US East (Northern Virginia)
  • Elastic Load Balancer
  • Elastic Compute Cloud
  • Lightsail
  • Route S3
  • Key Management Service
  • db.t2.micro running Maria
  • db.t2.small instance hour (or partial hour) running PostgreSQL
  • db.t2.medium instance hour (or partial hour) running PostgreSQL
  • db.t2.medium Multi-AZ instance hour (or partial hour) running PostgreSQL
  • db.m4.large running SQL Server Web (LI)
  • db.m5.large running SQL Server Web (LI)
  • Provisioned gp2 storage running MariaDB
  • Provisioned gp2 storage running PostgreSQL
  • Provisioned gp2 storage running SQL Server
  • Provisioned gp2 storage for Multi-AZ deployments running PostgreSQL
  • Provisioned GP2 storage for Multi-AZ deployments

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