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Ayoka’s Swift development services firm in North Texas takes your iOS apps into the future.

Ayoka’s Swift development services offer a modern and mobile option for businesses that want to build on the iOS platform.  As a favored technology of Fortune 500 companies (over 95% use iPhone and iPad within their organization), AppleOS products are making inroads into every aspect of business. Our team serves clients throughout the DFW Metroplex and North Texas to deliver the technology solutions of the future starting today.

At Ayoka, we operate at the forefront of custom mobile development with a strong foundation of best practices in proven technologies. Our team has been building applications with Swift since the inception of this innovative open source iOS programming language. We offer a full complement of competencies in other languages as well for integrated development.

How Can Our Swift Programming Company Accelerate Your Organization?

Here are some of the practical ways a well-designed Swift mobile app can aid business processes:

  • Task automation for streamlined workflow
  • Real-time distribution of information
  • Remote access online and offline with native development
  • Improved collaboration and communication
  • Increased productivity and user engagement
  • Reporting and analytics functions for better decision-making

Swift Programming Is Coming into Its Own

From a development perspective, Swift offers an interactive and enjoyable coding experience with succinct, clean syntax. It supports real-time development for continuous integration and deployment, offering easier ways to maintain and improve mobile applications over time. Swift makes it possible to add new features to iOS apps written in Objective-C, extending the lifespan of existing mobile apps. In addition, Swift applications tend to run at a very high speed, giving end users a better, more responsive experience. All of this adds up to rapid, efficient development and more satisfied business clients.

Contact Ayoka for Your Swift Mobile Software Needs

Ayoka brings deep technology experience to the table to design, build, and manage your new Apple apps from the ground up. We also offer many additional services including:

  • Code and UI review and optimization
  • Mobile software security and compliance consulting
  • Integration across multiple applications and services
  • Mobilization of existing web-applications to leverage native features

Swift Development Company
We can provide services across the entire spectrum of Apple/iOS software including mobile, desktop, web, server side, and database applications. This broad knowledge base gives us insight into the role mobile plays in your application portfolio and how to integrate it for optimal functionality.

At Ayoka, we take the time to fully understand your business requirements—including on-site visits with your company. That’s just one benefit of selecting a local, 100% US based company. We have a firm grasp on the privacy regulations and concerns associated with mobile development for financial services, healthcare, and other industries that must protect confidential data and proprietary information.  We make use of Apple’s Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and encryption solutions along with single sign-on and user permission management to deliver a secure mobile experience.

It’s time to determine if Ayoka’s Swift development services are the right fit for your project. Call 817-210-4042 today. We’re excited to hear from you!