The concept of a control system software often applies to hardware devices with embedded software that manage or control industrial controls, such as a programmable logic control (PLC) device. A software developer specializing in control system software development must think differently than a software developer who performs desktop software development or a software developer who performs enterprise systems integration. This is because of the real time nature of control systems and the industrial environment in which they must operate. There is little tolerance for error; software reliability is crucial. By their very nature, industrial businesses face unique challenges that require unique solutions. Slight variances in operating temperature, speed and resistance of machine components can mean a difference of thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

However, the interest in greater productivity and consolidation of industrial facilities is driving demand for remote monitoring of control systems and productivity tracking across multiple control systems and hardware components. Through advanced programming techniques, it is now possible to view and operate hardware components and control systems over the web based software. This allows web based remote access with the advantages inherent to web application software – minimal support, security and access control, and centralized database storage of information. Although development of web application software is a natural fit for remote monitoring and productivity management software, software development companies that serve in this area of enterprise software development must bring together the different disciplines of software development to build an integrated application.

The Ayoka Made in USA software development model creates an agile software development environment that instills confidence, work ethic, and creativity, while providing software development services to American entrepreneurs right here on our soil. This keeps America competitive both in education and on the global technology front. Ayoka’s approach to software design and database integration is based on our long-standing goal of building partnerships by becoming intimately familiar with your business, approaching challenges with creative thinking and technical expertise.

Industrial customers, from manufacturing to textile services to distribution, have engaged Ayoka to work hands-on with their team to integrate software applications, perform software enhancements to test equipment and supply chain management systems, or perform custom software development to replace outdated ERP’s for businesses throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Ayoka’s custom software development services will help your business optimize operational processes, monitor equipment utilization, and improve facility efficiency.