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Security Assessment

We help our clients measure the risks of known vulnerabilities and attacks. Our customized source code review provides our clients with confidence in their cyber security measures.

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Why a security review?

  • Identify issues and code inconsistencies that could be exploited
  • Provide discovery and correction in the development phase of applications instead of after release
  • Make recommendations for more stable and secure code
  • Assist in standardizing code conventions, resulting in easier maintenance and increased productivity
  • Improve application security

What is our process?

  • Estimate timelines and resources required (based on the size of your source code and the tech stack)
  • Perform a detailed review of the code (our experts can even work on-site alongside your team)
  • Create automated security tests (checking each line of code)
  • Evaluate and identify vulnerabilities
  • Generate a comprehensive report for client review
  • Deliver detailed report and recommendations

The Application Security Assessment Report shares details of our test methodology to give clients an in-depth understanding of the strategies we use to discover vulnerabilities. It attempts to make general observations about the overall quality of the source code as well as assess how well it would potentially resist known methods of attack. It also provides in-depth explanations for each vulnerability identified and an analysis of the risks of having said vulnerabilities exploited. Finally, our detailed reports include recommendations for addressing vulnerabilities along with specific examples of revised code.

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Our Security Best Practices

Understand the Code’s Intention and Conventions

Before undertaking a secure code review, our experts will work with the application developers to understand the intent and design of the application. Mechanisms like authentication and validation can be varied and often require an understanding of the nuance in their implementation. This best-foot-forward approach helps us to minimize time required to understand the code base.

Utilize Multiple Assessment Techniques

Whenever possible, our developers use both manual and automated techniques in their review processes to uncover the widest range of possible vulnerabilities. We always try to use multiple automated tools as each has their own strengths.

Refrain From Judging Level of Risk

The directive our developers work with is to uncover any and all vulnerabilities in the source code without making assumptions about what is an acceptable level of risk. A reviewer will report what they find, and allow the client to assess risks and decide what to address and how.

Focus On the Big Picture

While it is important to have a detailed understanding of an application’s source code, our manual reviewers are tasked with looking at the big picture in order to focus on key areas such as login functions or database transactions, while leveraging automated testing to diagnose issues line-by-line

Follow Up with Clients

The review process does not end when findings are presented. Our experts prefer to hold follow up discussions with the development team to ensure that review results are well understood and present actionable recommendations.

In our experience, no one’s app is as secure as it could be...

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Expert Source Code Review

Application development is a complex technical process requiring a large investment of time and materials. Commonly, as applications are being developed, teams tend to focus primarily on functionality and meeting client requirements as defined by design documentation, sometimes leaving security concerns to be addressed after the fact. If your company develops applications for other third party organizations or you contract vendors to develop applications for you, you are undoubtedly dealing with sensitive data, at least on some level.

Many organizations build custom software in order to automate processes that are critical to their business, and any interruption to these processes can result in massive amounts of lost productivity and profits. In addition to this, most businesses deal with sensitive information in the form of customer data. Many applications must also meet certain legal requirements, for example in the medical industry, applications must adhere to HIPAA, while financial applications must adhere to GLBA.

Cloud Security: You’re responsible for more than you think!
Cloud Security: You’re responsible for more than you think! (aws)

Failure to comply with required legal standards, or failure to protect sensitive client and customer information, not only represents a significant risk in terms of lost profits and productivity, it can also have legal repercussions that may force organizations out of business permanently.

Because of this, leaving software vulnerabilities unaddressed is, quite simply, not an option.

Ayoka provides customized application source code review services which aim to provide our clients with a greater degree of confidence in their cyber security measures. Our independent security analysis is comprehensive and tailored specifically to your application. We can help you measure the risks of known vulnerabilities and methods of attack. Our experts can work with large source code files using in-depth knowledge of code created in many of the popular technology stacks currently in use.