By printing barcodes on warehouse pick tickets and work order forms, barcode software solutions are an essential part of the wholesale distribution industry and can provide a more efficient and accurate method of data collection. A barcode software solution can be incorporated in a web application, then employed in a broad range of businesses to increase the productivity, efficiency and accuracy of specific business processes.

In addition to warehouse management solutions, Ayoka’s application development team developed an innovative barcode software solution for a health club management company that owned numerous locations. Unlike other barcode software solutions at health clubs, this barcode software solution was integrated into a web-based membership management application to receive input from barcode scanners even when a browser is not “in focus” or being actively used on the computer. This enabled card holders can “badge-in” to the health club and release the door lock, regardless of whether the operator is actively using the browser. The Ayoka team developed a Java applet that is automatically started by the browser that continuously monitors scanner input and sends data to the browser. This barcode software solution increased accuracy by reducing human error, allowed for centralized management of members through a database-backed web-application, ensured uniform data collection, increased profitability by mining data about member usage of health club facilities. In addition, health club employees can multitask and run other applications, such as a POS or cash register, without having to worry about where their browser focus is when someone swipes their card.

Barcode Software Solution – Business Problem:

Web based application needs to receive input from barcode scanner even when browser is not in focus so that card holders can “badge-in” to the program.

Barcode Software Solution – Technical Solution:

Designed a Java applet that is automatically started by the browser that continuously monitors scanner input and sends the data to the browser.

Barcode Software Solution – ROI:

Increased employee productivity by enabling customers to “badge in” to a web based application that allows employees to multitask. In addition, this company has the capability to improve marketing offers, by centrally tracking their customer activity from a single, central database.

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