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Custom Software product development projects always make our day at Ayoka. We love it when clients come to us with ideas for brand new applications and give us the chance to help them make their vision a reality. We have been privileged to participate in the creation of B2B and B2C applications and systems that drive innovation in areas ranging from healthcare and transportation to manufacturing and the non-profit sector. Our clients include startups, SMBs, enterprises, and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors). As a 100% onshore development firm that writes every line of code here in Texas, we provide our clients confidence that their valuable intellectual property is staying in the US.

An Expert Technology Partner Reduces Development Risk

Creating a new software product is always riskier than incrementally improving an existing application. Typically, a higher initial investment is required and it takes more time to realize a return. There are many other factors that require careful consideration:

  • How the estimated level of interest from the target market will translate into real world adoption
  • How user requirements will be conceived, tested, and modified throughout the project
  • A realistic time to completion and how delays from changes in scope may affect this timeline
  • Ways to reduce cost margins for development to ensure sufficient ROI per sale/download
  • How Intellectual Property Rights will be managed (who owns the source code and all its derivative products)
  • The role the software product development firm will play in offering creative direction and consulting vs. simply building to specifications
  • How the software will be customized for various product lines or target markets
  • Development requirements for cross-platform compatibility, SaaS delivery, and mobile use

We Specialize in Getting It Right on Time and on Budget

software product developmentWith custom software product development, there is a significant risk of losing market share and user goodwill if there the application is rolled out too soon—before bugs have been adequately addressed. But waiting too long can mean losing a competitive advantage. An expert software product development firm like Ayoka can help you balance competing objectives and ensure rigorous Quality Assurance even on a tight timeline. Our Agile rapid software development methodology helps you get software products to market faster.

We’re there for you after delivery as well to handle change requests, provide support, and continuously develop the software going forward. Our documentation process is extraordinarily thorough to ensure that your software product is maintainable.

Whether you need a full software solution built from scratch or need a team to handle specific aspects such as UI development or security testing, Ayoka is here to assist you. We look forward to hearing about your concept and celebrating with you when it becomes a reality. Call us today for a free, initial consultation at 817-210-4042.