How can a marketing software application help you?

Marketing is a broad term, often referring to the processes for developing, communicating, and tracking the results from offers expected to influence buying decisions of target consumers. Marketing encompasses activities that begin with demand creation, i.e. marketing communications that produce lead generation, to activities that improve the preparedness and productivity of sales. Since marketing is a very particular art of your business it often requires it’s own software application.

Information technology, particularly custom software development, reporting, and business intelligence play a crucial role in marketing. It is this aspect of marketing – marketing software and database development – that Ayoka contributes key software development capabilities.

Ayoka’s custom software development services use consumer data, data integration, and analytics to help companies conduct more effective marketing programs and to enable campaigns that reach consumers through multiple channels, including the web, email, and mobile / smartphone applications. Through advanced database development, such as such as data mining, artificial intelligence, and business intelligence algorithms to recognize and predict consumer spending and behavioral patterns, Ayoka’s Clients can identify distinct segments, i.e. perform microsegmentation, that can generate targeted offers to increase the probability and /or size of consumer purchase. As a partner, Clients can build integrated marketing to sales channels, with leads integrated directly into the CRM (customer relationship management) application.

As a Made in USA database development company, Ayoka employees are local and work hands-on with your marketing team. This interaction is critical for everyone to understand one another, the objective of the campaign, and the culture of the consumer.

Ayoka is experienced with several technologies and resources for marketing, including Java software development, .NET software development, and extensive database design and database development experience with enterprise business intelligence solutions.

Key BI Languages / Frameworks:

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Java Enterprise Edition (formerly J2EE)

BI Databases with ETL / data mining capabilities:

  • Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition
  • DB/2
  • Oracle

Key BI Products:

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Suite – Enterprise Edition
  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
  • Pentaho open source business intelligence
  • Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition

Contact Ayoka to learn more about custom software development for marketing applications, software integration, or database development for your Dallas / Fort Worth based business.