The market for medical app development in Dallas, Texas has taken off in recent years. This progress is driven, in part, by the power of mobile devices and guidance from the FDA confirming their intention to not enforce regulations on medical devices that simply receive, transmit, store, or display healthcare data. At Ayoka, we’re fortunate to have an established track record helping companies build innovative solutions in this highly-regulated sector.

Technology Offers Insights for Improved Care

  • Health Outcomes
  • Quality of Care
  • Home Care Software
  • Medical Devices
  • EMR Integration
  • HIPAA Compliance

One of the primary challenges facing the healthcare industry today is the pressure to develop a more comprehensive assessment of patients’ needs by integrating their primary health records with data on behavioral, cognitive, and mental health. Companies developing standalone medical devices or peripherals attached to smartphones are also producing new puzzles for cross-platform integration, big data management, and healthcare BI (business intelligence). On a more prosaic level, administering traditional functions like HR, payroll, and insurance claims submission still poses a problem for many healthcare organizations and private practices.

How can these concerns be addressed in the most effective way? There’s a growing recognition that the healthcare software of yesterday has not fully caught up with the realities of healthcare today. A gap exists between how practice managers, physicians, and patients would like to use technology, and the capabilities of current software. Many group practices and healthcare organizations are choosing to design precisely the applications that are needed to deliver the highest quality of care. With all of the highly sensitive information involved, it’s crucial that the selected software team has experience and policies in place to manage risk and improve compliance with privacy and security regulations.

Considerations for Healthcare Application Development

Given the burgeoning demand for custom medical software, the specifics of each project are different. But here are a few of the areas that clients should consider and ask questions about as they select a custom software development firm.

  • Access control and information privacy are paramount for HIPAA compliance, especially important for apps that have to work without an active internet connection (offline). What protocols and design features will be put in place to safeguard data?
  • If the application will be used in the field by healthcare providers or patients, will the mobile medical app be accessible on each of the major device platforms?
  • The use of mobile technology greatly increases security risks, which must be managed at the server, client, network, policy, and user levels. How will these hazards be addressed?
  • Medical apps typically require integration with other systems to eliminate redundant tasks (like duplicate data entry) and streamline workflow. Can this be done effectively?
  • For distributed systems with remote users, how will data be synced to ensure everyone is accessing the same information to make better business and medical decisions?

An Example of Healthcare Software in Action

A local home health company was seeking to distinguish their business by communicating with family members on the outcomes for their pediatric patients and the quality of care that their patients were receiving. In collaboration with the clinical team, Ayoka designed a user friendly application that made it easy for clinicians to input data, as well as automatically combine approved information from their EHR, EMR and provider scheduling systems to create a health scorecard. With this customized software tool, the agency was able to deepen the satisfaction of their families while alleviating redundant data input and saving subscription fees with 3rd party home care software.

According to Ayoka’s Software Development Services Manager, Chad King, “At the end of the day, medical app development comes down to helping Texas healthcare providers care for patients more effectively. In the healthcare field, we’re also able to do some very exciting and advanced things to improve operations, while protecting confidential data with shielding, encryption, and security. It’s pretty high-level stuff from a technological perspective and we make sure the software is designed properly to keep our clients compliant—and improve operations as a result.”

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