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Automate personal touchpoints with clients... using super-simple software! We create your form. You send your clients the link. RealTouch handles the rest.

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RealTouch Automates

Solutions starting at $149/mo

Real estate agents send a link to their customers to input basic information about themselves and family, such as their birthday or wedding anniversary. Information is securely stored, then automatically added to the real estate agent's calendar. Plus, the app automatically sends out birthday or anniversary from the real estate agent's email address, requiring no intervention from the salesperson to have automated, but personalized touch points with their clients.

Intake Form Example

Manage your clients more effectively.

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RealTouch Step-by-Step

Solutions starting at $149/mo

Send clients a link to your form

Simple yet effective. Once your form is up-and-running, email or text it to all your clients, and add it to your website and social profiles.


Clients fill out the form

Secure the lead. The form is built to work well on any device, increasing the odds the client will complete the process once they’ve clicked the link.


Each submission is sent to your inbox

Stay up-to-date. You will receive an email within seconds of your client’s submission in case you’d like to take immediate action. A link to access all submissions will also be available.


Emails automatically sent to your clients

Impress your clients. Clients will automatically receive personalized emails on their birthday, anniversary and/or other important dates as you see fit.


Dates automatically added to your calendar

Never miss an important date. Client birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates will automatically be added to your calendar upon submission.


Manage all submissions on your dashboard

Complete control. Access your dashboard at any time to view and manage all of your clients. Search, sort, filter, update and export data as you see fit.

Manage your clients more efficiently.

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