Sales force automation (SFA) and business process management (BPM) are two areas of experience under Ayoka’s larger umbrella of business process management software development services that allow businesses of all types to integrate automated data management through custom software development solutions.

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Sales force automation software development solutions by Ayoka are custom designed, using proprietary or open source sales management solutions that automate stages in the sales process depending on the specific needs of a business. Typically, Ayoka’s sales force automation software development solutions include sales lead tracking, sales forecasting, order management, and customer relation management (CRM) functions, which can be integrated as a company-wide, enterprise software development project.

Ayoka’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software development solutions integrate data and processes into a single source solution for company-wide deployment. Custom designed ERPs software solutions provide broader access and greater ease of management of data that can encompass sales force automation, human resources, accounting, production, supply chain, logistics, reverse logistics, warehouse management and other business processes from a unified database and replace or integrate existing stand-alone applications.

Ayoka has established itself as an experienced enterprise software development firm in the area of custom business process management (BPM) software development solutions that offer businesses the competitive advantage of monitoring and analyzing data related to management, operational and supporting processes in order to optimize productivity and minimize costs. Ayoka designs custom enterprise software solutions and deploys business process management solutions that utilize proprietary and open source software capable of replacing or integrating with legacy software systems.

No matter the nature of your business, your bottom line depends on sales. Sales force automation (SFA) solutions by Ayoka are custom developed and designed to help your business monitor and improve your sales process. The implementation of sales force automation offers advantages that result in:

  • Business intelligence dashboards of key performance indicators (KPI) for higher productivity
  • Elimination of duplication of efforts
  • Higher levels of data analysis
  • Unified performance monitoring of entire sales force
  • Accelerated sales cycles
  • More effective customer relations management
  • Deeper understanding of industry trends
  • Higher job satisfaction among your sales force
  • Integration with production, manufacturing, warehousing and accounting
  • Greater profitability

Ayoka’s BPM software development, SFA software development and ERP software development services typically use and integrate the following languages and frameworks:

  1. Microsoft – ASP, .NET, C#, VBScript
  2. Java – J2EE, EJB, Struts, JSP, JavaScript, Swing
  3. LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
  4. Ruby on Rails (ROR) – Ajax, Apache, Eclipse
  5. AppFuse – Ant, Xdoclet, Spring, Hibernate, Junit, etc.
  6. VoIP – Asterisk, Adhearsion, other VoIP integration technologies

Our highly skilled enterprise software development team have expertise with integration of databases including:

  • Oracle
  • DB/2
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

Ayoka has provided business process management software development services to a variety of business verticals throughout the United States. These BPM solutions include development of custom enterprise resource planning for a media advertising firm to consolidate reporting and project management databases into a single source offering Web accessibility for authorized users. The ERP application was integrated with the client’s legacy accounting and finance administration database providing a greater span of control at a lower custom software development cost than off-the-shelf enterprise resource planning application.

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For a client in the manufacturing sector, Ayoka designed and deployed a custom Web-based business process management solution. The server accessible software application provides networked programmable logic control (PLC) devices to allow for web based equipment monitoring and archiving of data in an SQL database. By providing web based equipment monitoring, managers were able to take a corporate-level view of multiple facilities and schedule equipment to increase utilization of equipment.

Read the case study.

Ayoka’s custom enterprise software development and custom software deployment techniques involves:

  • Customer centered real-time or face-to-face client communication
  • Risk reducing iterative approach to enterprise software development – build small releases
  • Incorporation with SOA (service oriented architecture) for flexible code
  • Bullpen team structure to ensure technical matching to enterprise software development project requirements
  • Adaptive as opposed to predictive methodology

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