Custom programming is the primary service provided by Ayoka for our clients in the Texas area. Over the years, it has been interesting to see an increased demand for customized software solutions throughout North Texas. The proliferation of new technologies and the opportunities created as a result bring many clients to our door. These decision-makers are looking to:

  • gain a competitive advantage;
  • open up new opportunities for their business;
  • run their company more effectively; and
  • deliver a higher quality of service to their own customers.

Our clients have typically thought long and hard before deciding to pursue the custom programming option. This type of project does require a commitment of time and resources to ensure success. But when the benefits of having the right tools outweigh the investment required to create them, it makes sense to explore custom application development. Once the decision is made, selecting the right path to pursue is often a challenging process. In-house and off-shore are the two alternatives many businesses consider first—with varying levels of success.

  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Austin
  • Fort-Worth
  • Arlington
  • San Antonio

Internal IT Staff Can’t Always Deliver

In-house development can be a smart way to stay in complete control of the design and development process. However, internal IT professionals often don’t have the time available to devote to custom software development along with their other responsibilities. Or, these projects may be beyond the skill-set of an organization’s programmers. In either case, bringing in an outside development firm is the only way to take a project from the idea stage all the way across the finish line.

Hiring Non-Local Firms May Fall Short of Expectations

Outsourcing overseas is typically the cheapest option in terms of dollars per hour. Yet it poses substantial challenges for most American businesses. Inadequate communication and time-zone differences block successful project management. In particular, offshore teams may struggle to identify a client’s true needs during the discovery phase, leading to an outcome that meets specs on paper but doesn’t solve the business problem. The issue of protecting intellectual property rights can also be a sticking point when software is produced outside of US jurisdiction.

The Local Option

Partnering with a DFW-based custom software firm like Ayoka sidesteps common pitfalls and offers a distinct set of benefits:

  • Clients are fully involved in the process and own their software.
  • The problem is clearly defined before a solution is proposed, ensuring the desired outcome.
  • Applications are built with future expansion in mind.
  • Costs are managed with Agile development that focuses on doing the right thing instead of trying to do everything at once.
  • Ongoing support is available on an as-needed basis.

We invite you to explore our library of case studies to see real examples of how highly targeted software tools can help businesses thrive. Contact Ayoka today at 817-210-4042 to start a conversation about your custom programming project.