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Ayoka’s application modernization services help keep our DFW clients ahead of the competition. We’re committed to ensuring Texas businesses get the greatest value out of their IT assets. That means taking a fresh look at legacy applications and determining how judicious upgrades can eliminate issues and support better business processes. Here are four key areas where software modernization tends to deliver good ROI for our clients:

#1 Desktop to Web

Many internal business applications predate the advent of Software as a Service. While having apps delivered via a web-based model is a good solution, that doesn’t mean you have to ditch your existing desktop apps and try to find something comparable to rent through an SaaS provider. Instead, it may be possible to re-engineer your own business software as a web application. You still fully own the technology and can continue to develop it to precisely meet your business needs.

#2 App Mobilization

Both desktop and web-based applications are ripe for modernization for smart device users. Whether your workforce is part of the BYOD trend or using company-issued technology, untethering your software for use anywhere can greatly expand the reach of your organization’s productivity. Custom development involves:

  • Determining which platforms need to be taken into consideration (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Selecting the features that need to be available on mobile for a lean build
  • Identifying the development strategy that will be most flexible to accommodate future changes in technology
  • Paying special attention to security concerns to protect source code as well as confidential business data
  • Addressing syncing issues so mobile apps can offer functionality offline and online depending on the use case
  • Designing the app with the correct blend of server side and client side development (Native, HTML5, and hybrid)

#3 Cloud Computing

Updating older applications to be compatible with a fully virtualized environment can open up the cost savings and scalability of the cloud for your business. Many legacy applications are architected in a way that does not allow them to handle fluctuations in traffic without failing. A revamped design takes into account the way apps are managed in the cloud, supporting high availability, reliable service, and a satisfying user experience.

#4 Analytics and BI

Legacy software may be generating a great deal of useful data for your business. But if you don’t have visibility into that data, it’s not adding value. Analytics and custom reporting on business processes helps you gain more ROI from your existing software portfolio. In many cases, BI tools can be embedded directly into business applications for near-real time decision making as well as historical review. Isn’t it time your applications caught up with the speed of technology? Ayoka’s application modernization services help pave the pathway to your organization’s future. Contact us today at 817-210-4042 to learn more.