More than most industries, the financial sector relies on custom software applications for success. A robust and scalable enterprise software application, designed by a skilled database architect, is a critical component to any financial organization. Integration of your accounts payable and receivable, networking of your administration centers and automation of your customer billing and collecting process into a single, enterprise application solution can increase your bottom line and go hand in hand with accelerating your revenue growth.

With a Made in USA approach to financial software development, Ayoka collaborates in person with Clients – we believe location matters in enterprise software development. Further, current conditions in the financial industry are driving regulatory changes, impacting many enterprise software development projects. Ayoka has the technical acumen and experience to understand regulations, such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX), that are crucial to financial software applications. Our enterprise software development experience, with database architects and financial application developers, allows us to confidently serve as your database architect or develop a desktop software application or web application for your business.

Ayoka’s Web 2.0 applications allow financial companies maximum flexibility to create custom software applications that achieve tremendous cost savings and are easy to use. However, more often than not, new solutions will have to be seamlessly compatible with existing software applications, making integration a critical priority. Ayoka’s financial software integration services provide clients with a secure financial application utilizing existing frameworks such as Microsoft Dynamics (formerly Microsoft Great Plains), MS SQL Server database, SSA Global ERP, IBM AS/400 hardware, and IBM DB2 database.

Some examples of Ayoka’s financial application development and financial integration development projects:

  • Transaction/Trade Processing Systems
  • Data flow re-architecture
  • Customized Web solutions for clients and partners
  • Electronic document delivery systems, e.g. EDI
  • B2B solutions for procurement
  • Reporting and research solutions for managers, brokers
  • Tax forms automation

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