At Ayoka here in DFW, our software integration services help businesses get more out of their software assets. The proliferation of technology has created amazing new opportunities. But having so many options has also created a lot of inefficiency as software is added piece by piece to an organization’s portfolio with no overall strategy. Whether your existing apps can’t talk to each other or you have old technology that needs to be updated to keep pace with modern solutions, we can help.

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Bringing Old and New Together

Integrating software is a vital aspect of Application Portfolio Management. Based on a thorough assessment of software assets, some apps need to be retired and some need to be replaced. Others simply need to be integrated with newer solutions to deliver their full value. One common area of desired functionality is web-compatibility. Ayoka can take a desktop application and re-engineer it for the web, allowing integration with a far broader range of business apps.

In other cases, it is new software that needs to be integrated with a company’s existing applications. When off-the-shelf software delivers desirable features but doesn’t mesh with an organization’s technology, Ayoka can bridge this gap with integration solutions. Depending on the architecture of the software on both sides of the equation, this may be a more cost-effective solution than building a custom application from scratch.

Software Integration Services Improve Data Utilization

As Big Data increases both the size and complexity of stored data, it’s imperative to find better ways to manage and utilize these resources. Ayoka can integrate multiple data sources with business software to achieve:

  • Easier access to valuable data across platforms
  • Deeper insight into vital data, resulting in better decisions
  • Reduction or elimination of double-entry and other redundant tasks
  • Better synchronization of data across business applications and for all users
  • More effective collaboration with partners, customers, vendors, and business divisions

Software Integration Reduces TCO

In the long run, an intelligent integration strategy delivers a number of benefits to companies that want to save on costs and experience greater ROI from existing assets. With the right approach:

  • Solutions based on SOA (service oriented architecture) may be reusable from one use case to the next, reducing development costs
  • Money saved by integrating and updating vs. replacing software can be invested in other initiatives
  • Integrating applications more deeply with business processes creates a more competitive and responsive organization (for example, integrating embedded technology and software together to monitor and improve processes in real time)
  • Upgrades that make applications more flexible help businesses keep pace with changing regulatory requirements
  • A unified IT structure supports optimal performance across all technology assets.

Is it time to start getting more out of your application portfolio? Ayoka has unique experience in making software work for business. Contact us at 817-210-4042 for a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Software Integration Services?

Software integration is the process of combining different software parts, or subsystems, into one.

  • Why is integration needed?

Software integration helps organizations improve productivity by allowing different applications to work together and communicate more efficiently. By allowing information to travel faster, organizational time and costs for the organization can be cut dramatically.

  • What are the types of software integration?

There are 4 main types of software integration: Star integration (in which connections between each subset systems are created, resembling a star), Horizontal Integration (in which a subsystem is created for communication), Vertical Integration (creating information silos for each subsystem) and Common Data Format Integration.