Good software is continually evolving, and this happens for a number of reasons. It evolves to meet new needs, to offer greater performance, or to delay a full application replacement to save on costs. Whatever your need, Ayoka’s software enhancement services can fulfill your requirements.

Fact: Security matters!

As companies have increasingly migrated to the web, they’ve become aware that their applications are vulnerable to external attacks. One of the things that we at Ayoka like to talk to our clients about is the mounting threat of SQL injection – just one of the different security threats that exists in the in software world. What is a SQL injection attack, and why should you (and not just your IT department) know about it?

What is a SQL injection attack?

Without going into too many details, a SQL injection attack allows a third party to access your database through an external interface (such as your company’s website).  Once this access has been obtained, the attacker retrieves whatever information is stored in the database or simply deletes the information and renders the database unusable. Without performing a thorough IT audit, your application could be wide open to malicious intent.

Why do I care? This doesn’t affect my business.

Not exactly. According to IBM Internet Security Systems, SQL injection attacks increased in frequency by 138% to become the number one computer security threat, at 22% of all reported vulnerabilities. As an example of the magnitude of this issue, the largest credit card security breach on record (the theft of 130 million payment card numbers) was performed using SQL injection. These vulnerabilities end up costing hundreds of millions of dollars over time, in addition to an immeasurable decrease in customer confidence when these breaches occur.

Bottom line: SQL injection is preventable.

Ayoka is familiar with a number of strategies aimed at minimizing the threat of SQL injection as well a number of security vulnerabilities that can exist in software. As part of our software maintenance services, we can audit your applications for potential SQL injection vulnerabilities. We will then close the vulnerabilities that we do find. Don’t be a willing victim; contact Ayoka to arrange a consultation.

Fact: Things change. So should software.

As trite as the saying may be, it’s also very true: the only constant in life is change. Over the last two years, we’ve completed over eighty projects for our clients, and what we’ve found is that after deployment, clients often return to us with new ideas for their applications. Sometimes these are things that were simply not thought about during the design process, but more often, changes are needed because underlying business processes have changed.

What Ayoka can do for you.

Ayoka’s software maintenance services allow clients to enhance their existing applications while maintaining control over their intellectual property.

Are you not an Ayoka client yet? No problem! Our engineering team is highly skilled in rapidly learning business domain and IT infrastructure. We can learn your applications and deploy enhancements with a quick turnaround.

How it works.

Ayoka has a unique process-driven method for handling software maintenance issues. Typically, our clients purchase a specific number of maintenance hours per month with rollover for unused hours. To track issues, we grant our clients access to our issue-tracking system, where they or their employees are able to input descriptions of enhancements and fixes, along with their respective priority. Within 24 hours, our engineering team will develop a strategy and estimate of hours to fix the issue and communicate this information back to the client.

What sort of enhancements?

Any sort! More specifically, though, we are experts at the following:

  • Adding new functionality to business applications.
  • Creating new reports or changing existing ones.
  • Customize applications to new customer requirements.
  • Move applications to new platforms.
  • Make applications smart phone compatible.

Ayoka has an eight-year-long, proven track record with software maintenance. Don’t let your application get dusty with age; call us today for a consultation.