Ruby on Rails is an open source framework for custom Web Applications. As a framework, Ruby on Rails follows the MVC (model, view, controller) design pattern. It is designed to speed up the time to develop database backed web applications, thereby lowering the cost for custom web development.


  • With a significant Ajax library incorporated in Ruby on Rails, there is less programming knowledge required for JavaScript coding. Web site design can follow Web 2.0 philosophy for more interactive design and simpler user interfaces by leveraging the Ajax library.
  • Convention over configuration through naming conventions, Ruby on Rails reduces the repetitive writing of configuration tasks. Less code means less potential for bugs.
  • Full-Stack Web Framework is a concept that ensures that the web development model, view, and controller layers are designed to work together. This reduces the effort of explicitly configuring each component to exchange information with another.
  • All elements from the business logic (domain model) to configuration files are written in the Ruby programming language. Using one language makes it easier to focus on the syntax and semantics, without juggling between multiple languages during web development.
  • Custom web and software developers can add methods to a class or to an instance of a class at run-time, so that one instance can act differently than other instances of the same class. This makes it easier to perform a web improvement project, by cutting downtime associated with compiling, deploying, and restarting after a website upgrade.

Ruby on Rails Development Framework

The Ruby on Rails software development framework offers significant advantages over other methods of data-driven application development including:

  • Support for Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture
  • SOA-like integration with enterprise systems
  • Convention over configuration framework simplifies data management
  • Don’t Repeat Yourself or DRY model based on Ruby’s inherent ability to provide Domain specific languages
  • MVC (model view controller) design pattern
  • Built in testing at every level
  • Capistrano / Active Record migration
  • Ajax support in any framework; runs on any Unix open source platform
  • Enable innovative business solutions with Ayoka’s Ruby on Rails team!