csharp development company
Ayoka is a business software and C# development company that develops .NET applications for SMBs and enterprise class clients throughout Texas. We provide solutions for all aspects of Microsoft Windows integration, optimization, and modernization. Our team leverages the structured, high-level C# language and VisualBasic in the.NET framework to deliver support for a wide variety of web services. Our goal is to give organizations that rely on MS Windows new ways to derive value from their technology.

C Sharp Programming in the ASP.NET Framework

Our experienced programmers use the latest tools to capture the efficiency, scalability, and flexibility of the C# language. Here’s a quick look at some of the ways the .NET framework helps us deliver outstanding web apps for our clients:

  • XML (Extensible Markup Language) and HTTP supports highly interactive websites.
  • Server side code in the form of Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) resides on the web server, enhancing performance and speeding code development.
  • Automatic updates and synchronization among all computing devices promotes reduces workload for IT management.
  • Centralized data access integrating SQL Server with SharePoint, MS Office, and other Windows technology with CRM, ERP, and additional business applications adds value to the existing application portfolio.
  • Integrated and unified communications platform streamlines collaboration and workflow.
  • Scalability and accessibility with cloud-based applications for Windows Azure and SQL Azure provides access to unlimited computing power.

We Go Beyond the Web with C#

While C Sharp is most often associated with web applications, it can be effectively used in the Windows domain for mobile apps, backend and service-oriented apps, and enterprise software of all kinds. In addition to offering custom C# web development, our Ayoka team can also:

  • Fix, upgrade, and optimize existing applications to ease frustration and improve ROI
  • Modernize legacy applications and databases with migration to .NET
  • Integrate with enterprise applications to create a unified architecture
  • Develop Business Intelligence tools and apps to deliver key insights in real time and for historical analysis
  • Create e-Commerce solutions securely integrated with multiple payment gateways
  • Design and develop mobile applications for Windows phones and tablets
  • Integrate Windows with PLC (Programmable Logic Control) devices
  • Provide multi-language programming and APIs to help Windows software “talk” to other systems
  • Consult on security risks and provide comprehensive solutions to bring applications into compliance
  • Maintain and continuously develop C# applications for an agile and responsive approach to technology in business

At Ayoka, we work directly with clients using a collaborative approach to identify the underlying business problems that custom software can solve. We work together to develop user acceptance tests that ensure what we build offers the functionality our clients need and expect.

Our commitment to communication and our ability to focus on building lean, agile solutions make Ayoka a top C# development company for 100% Made in USA software. Contact us at 817-210-4042 for an initial consultation at no cost.