What makes Ayoka’s industrial software integration services hot are two things – the approach to delivering services and the unique solutions Ayoka brings to the table. First, with Ayoka’s Made in USA approach, you know your software development is local, which involves dynamic conversations, feedback on database design alternatives, and long-term support after software development and on-going database development. Second, Ayoka is able to capitalize on advanced software development techniques for manufacturing customers – such as Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) for web based polling of PLC’s (programmable logic control devices) and real-time updates from the shop floor over the web. With a range of experience from .NET development to building a Java application, Ayoka has the knowledge of programming frameworks to consolidate IT infrastructure.

By bringing Web 2.0 software development techniques and SOA (services oriented architecture) to manufacturing, customers save on capital and operational costs by consolidating their IT environment and database design to streamline data management and enable software integration.  By working with you on database development, software developers can build dashboards and reporting systems to generate more effective business analytics and performance data.

Manufacturers and other industrial customers have used Ayoka’s creative mix of traditional and open-source frameworks to connect test equipment to a centralized database, enable web-based remote monitoring of production environments, and design e-commerce systems for distributors that feature back-end integration for production work orders, inventory database, and shipping systems. Ayoka’s experience with industrial settings for software integration, database design, .NET development, and Java applications differentiates Ayoka.
Our competencies include software integration and custom software development with the following:

Languages / Frameworks:

  • .NET (Microsoft .NET development)
  • J2EE (java software development)
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Ajax (asynchronous javascript and xml)

Database Development:

  • MS SQL Server (Microsoft SQL Server database)
  • MySQL (open source database)
  • DB/2 (IBM database)
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL (open source database)
  • HSQLDB (open source database)

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