The central concept behind the development of business intelligence solutions is OLAP or “On Line Analytical Processing”, which supports reporting for the purpose of accessing and analyzing critical information about business processes.

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The OLAP approach can quickly provide responses to analytical queries of a dimensional nature and integrate data into databases that are configured to employ a multidimensional data model (e.g. MDX query or data cubes) that allows for extremely complex analysis with rapid execution time. OLAP effectively optimizes the data warehouse for reporting and analysis.

Ayoka is an experienced software development company in the development, deployment and management services of OLAP, including Business Intelligence Software development with core competencies in Extraction Transformation Loading (ETL), Relational Reporting of Data and Data Mining Software that assist a variety of industry verticals, such as healthcare, manufacturing and marketing. Use of business intelligence software provides comprehensive insights into factors that affect a company’s business, such as metrics on sales, production, CRM and internal operations and processes.

Adoption of OLAP is expected to increase with enterprise systems integration (often called enterprise application integration). Costs are also decreasing with the availability of Open Source software (e.g. Pentaho and the Eclipse Foundation tool called BIRT or Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool), and use of open source databases (e.g. MySQL or Postgre SQL) as open source alternatives to Oracle Application Server or Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). However, both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition remain strong environments for the development and integration of open source business intelligence software and data mining software. Since Ayoka is Made in USA, our software development services are provided in a hands-on, collaborative engagement that allows our software developers to understand the business requirements for your reporting application – enabling custom software development to meet the unique needs of your business.

Ayoka’s software development professionals work together in close-knit office environment near Dallas, Texas, providing your business with highly talented professionals whose experience and expertise in OLAP, DSS (Decision Support System), business intelligence solutions, data mining and warehousing software development make Ayoka a leader in enterprise software development, with the responsiveness and cost savings of agile software development.

Ayoka’s custom designed data warehousing and data mining software services allow clients to search large volumes of data for classification, clustering and association characteristics to enhance information retrieval, pattern recognition, statistics and machine learning provided by other rich techniques. The result is a user-friendly architecture that is capable of rendering more granular, manageable data more rapidly and reliably and with lower initial and recurring costs.

Ayoka provides business intelligence software development services and data mining software solutions that address the unique OLAP needs of our clients whether that need is:

  • Conversion of existing client server applications to Web based networks
  • Development of custom software or software intellectual property
  • Upgrade or migration of databases
  • Enhancement of existing software applications
  • Complete Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Network business applications including software, middle-ware, databases and e-commerce / Web portal systems.

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Ayoka is a Made in USA enterprise application services company with one clear objective: delivering the best customer service to all of our clients.  Ayoka’s commitment to Made in USA custom software development ensures that our client’s culture is understood, objectives are clearly communicated and allows us to provide tangible advice to our clients that are building custom enterprise applications that are essential to operating their modern business.

Ayoka’s custom software development culture combines the entrepreneurial feel of a start-up company with the confidence and stability of a successful professional services firm. Our vision is to become the ONLY choice for affordable enterprise software development and custom software development in AMERICA. We are proud of our consistent track record of delivering successful projects on time and on budget. We strive to provide custom software development projects that make our clients money. Get in touch today to see how Ayoka’s services can benefit your company.

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