Application Development Services Trends – Emerging Technologies

12 Critical Services Trends

One of the trickiest requests from our customers is to predict the future of the application development services industry. From a business perspective, consolidation or mergers and acquisitions among enterprise vendors has been a clear trend, with inevitable customer frustration at dealing with a limited number of large application services firms. From a technical perspective, predictions can be a risky game in the field of application development where something new emerges every day. However, at Ayoka our predictions about application development trends stem from our experience with clients in a variety of industries. Although each industry we work with is distinct, in some ways they are all moving towards stronger inter-connection and can learn a lot from seemingly diverse fields.  Each want to build, integrate or manage their enterprise for strength and stability during times of uncertainty, while opening up new avenues for customer service and growth. Below are some emerging technologies in application development that are moving us all in the right direction…

The current business climate is driving several trends in software development, which will affect many core areas of businesses. These enterprise software development trends are: