Ayoka University Relations SM – Business Experience in Application Development Services!

Ayoka’s University Relations SM program uniquely positions our firm in the application development services market. We partner with select universities that cultivate outstanding software engineers and software developers. As either a graduate or by taking leave from their graduate studies, these individuals integrate with Ayoka’s experienced staff to create dynamic, highly motivated project teams. Using this model, Ayoka maintains our strict project and software development methodologies in place while constantly refreshing our collective skill sets with information technology specialists who care about learning and working on the leading edge of their field.

With software becoming more advanced than ever, performing software development is not just about hiring a programmer. Software development is about building the right team of specialists, such as people focused on database development, networks, or integration. For graduate students who compete to get into Ayoka University Relations SM program, this is the job opportunity of a lifetime. These highly competitive positions at Ayoka incorporate industry-experienced Masters and PhD candidates into Ayoka’s culture. Side-by-side with Ayoka’s senior architects and designers, these team members not only develop, but directly interact with clients. This experienced and enthusiastic team of software developers allows our clients to make their web, e-commerce or enterprise software application a reality!

Here is what university leaders say about our contributions:

“As a professor of Computer Science and Engineering and the Director of the Software Engineering Research Center, I am very grateful to Ayoka for providing students with the opportunity to transition from educational institution to a cutting-edge technology business environment. Working side by side with Ayoka’s senior architects and programmers has instilled confidence, work ethic and a respect for the technology business culture in our graduate level students. Our collaboration with Ayoka has been an all-win situation because it helps promote Software Engineering education, empowering Ayoka with a new generation of workforce that is extremely enthusiastic and fast learning. This motivates students to pursue excellence to meet Ayoka’s high expectations for discipline, quality of work and commitment to customer success. Outstanding!

– Dr. David C. Kung, CS-E, UT-Arlington

To find out more about our University RelationsSM program or to bring our program to a university near you, contact Ayoka.

Ayoka’s Mentorship Program

Ayoka’s Mentorship Program is designed to provide early stage software developers the opportunity to receive training in and guidance with emerging and advanced technologies. Mentees are guided through specialized training programs and given the opportunity to immerse themselves in new challenges.

Individuals who are accepted into the program are given the following opportunities.

  • Learn emerging technologies (.NET, Java, Groovy on Grails, SSIS, etc…) from experienced software development professionals.
  • Access to Ayoka educational and technical resources to support your training program.

If you are interested in joining our mentorship program, please visit our careers page and submit your resume for the Mentorship position.