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What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a data-binding JavaScript framework used to create a wide variety of dynamic web applications. Due to the clean code, it allows the developer to build supra-responsive sites. Users receive an enjoyable web experience because the application’s components come to them smoothing and quickly.

This is especially useful in enterprise applications that use dashboards or user interfaces that reflect current operations or business data. Other applications that AngularJS is suitable for deal with bank wire transfers, PayPal checkout, products and services a company offers, maps, personnel profiles, online education, data lookup, company events, videos and countless other uses – only limited by the imagination.

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What are the Benefits of Using Web Development Services AngularJS?

A company’s business systems are a reflection of the company. Today’s companies want to appear modern and efficient. AngularJS does that.

Because this programming technique creates modules, testing is very easy. This reduces the web designer’s time, making the project more cost efficient. Testing can be done using uni- or end-to-end testing. Once completed, AngularJS itself combines the individual modules to create a seamless result.

A common example is when the user moves the mouse to the side of the screen and a menu slides in, either from the right or left. The view – the web page – does not change or repaint. When the mouse is moved away from the edge of the screen, the menu slides back out of sight, giving the user a full view of the web page once again.

HTML code is used within the web development services AngularJS framework. However, a typical HTML, CSS and JavaScript page cannot perform in this sleek manner. By building the site within the angularjs framework, the user is presented with an appealing animated effect.

Furthermore, there is a distinct advantages to a single page application (SPA) AngularJS website. Rather than needing to retrieve and load each traditional HTML web page, the AngularJS website retrieves all the code for the entire site up front. The user is not left to wait for each page with its redundant code to load and render on the screen. Instead, with AngularJS, information is dynamically loaded as needed, creating the impression of a one-page application rather than the more cumbersome multi-page website.

What are the Technical Characteristics of AngularJS?

AngularJS is not a programming language but it uses markup and style languages when creating an application. Instead, it’s a front end JavaScript framework with three major components – the model, the controller and the view.

Simply put, the model contains the data. For example, a user types something in in response to a query and that data is stored in the model component. Data can be received and stored by the user without reloading the page.

The controller manages the data found in the model. The view is what the user sees. AngularJS allows these three components to change without repainting the screen. This two-way data binding- keeps the model and the view in sync at all times.

What are the Shortcomings of Creating Websites in AngularJS?

Although some of the CSS code is a bit complex, the results are well worth the effort needed to master it. Once the desired effect is created for one page, it can be easily expanded across an entire website to create a system that’s intuitive and enjoyable to use. A website made with the AngularJS framework is something any state-of-the-art company can be proud to own.

There really aren’t many downsides to having an AngularJS website. An AngularJS web development company can build and test an attractive site quicker and easier than a traditional site, which is something that any company owner would welcome.

An experienced AngularJS web development company, whose staff is well trained in CSS, can create a slick and efficient site for any business wanting to be seen as cutting edge.

Why Hire a Software Developer from the AngularJS Development Company in Dallas?

A savvy business-owner knows that he needs a software development company that is established,
experienced, and trustworthy. A web development services AngularJS offers that to a wide variety of companies.

The AngularJS Development Company Dallas is located within the borders of the United States and is easy to contact. Just pick up the phone and discuss your website needs with your own personal web developer. We understand that running a successful business takes a great deal of time and effort. Spending unnecessary time on your website is not what you want to do. Let us take care of your website needs, producing a site that will show your company in the very best light.

Our experienced AngularJS developers:

  • Will illustrate how AngularJS can be used to your advantage
  • Build and use controllers, views and templates
  • Implement real-world applications
  • Test all parts of the application
  • Connect projects with Google’s APIs
  • Have an in-depth understanding of the most common XHR options
  • Know how to get AngularJS to work well with Internet Explorer and mobile browsers
  • Communicate directly with backend databases, from SQL Server to MongoDB
  • Know how to accomplish much more to meet your company’s digital needs


AngularJS is ideal for building single page or business applications. Many business owners are now using AngularJS for their company because of its modern look and feel.

Call our AngularJS Development Company today to discuss your programming needs. We highly recommend that you involve an American company. We are a strong company with real employees who work well as a team in our Dallas office.