Ayoka Offers 3 Reasons Why It’s the Website Manager for You

With WordPress being the undisputed king of CMS (content management systems), choosing a qualified company, which offers WordPress design services, is essential for a business. There’s a reason why WP makes up 50% of all self-hosted sites on the web today. It simply offers the best bang for your buck; here’s a few reasons why.

1. Clean code

WordPress has had plenty of time to create a clean framework for its websites. Its skeleton is top-notch which makes it ideal for search engine optimization. Google’s very own Matt Cuts endorses WP for “automatically solving a ton of SEO issues.” A business’ visibility is always a top priority and WordPress’ easy to crawl framework makes it a top choice.

2. Managementcustom wordpress designer

The power to confidently manipulate your website is paramount. WordPress provides the user with the tools and services necessary to maintain a clean, secure site. Built in notifications and updaters guarantee your plugins, themes, and most importantly, your security is up to date. Allowing the user to easily keep the website safe and fresh.

On top of WP’s stellar tools for creating new pages and blog posts, the manager has the ability to assign roles for different users, which vary in responsibility. For instance, an “editor” can create and edit content but cannot manipulate website design.

3. Plugins

Ranging from contact forms, to e-commerce solutions, to social media, WP has the plugins needed to make a website stand out. Being open source means thousands of developers are free to create and share their works of WP art, which is essential for making your website user friendly and convenient.

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