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What questions should you ask a custom application development company? Dallas software firm Ayoka offers insights.


Working with a custom application development company can be an interesting and sometimes challenging process. As a Dallas-based software development firm, we make sure to take on projects that are the right fit for us. We firmly believe that businesses should be equally careful in choosing a software development partner. That doesn’t always mean choosing us, but it does mean asking probing questions during vendor evaluation.


Partnering with the Wrong Custom Software Firm Hurts

Unfortunately, it’s possible to make a significant investment in custom software and end up with an app that doesn’t function as expected.  There are several warning signs that you may be stuck in this type of project:

  • The software design has not been explained to you in a way you can easily grasp
  • You can’t understand why it’s taking so long and why it’s costing so much to build the app
  • There seems to be no clear process for design, build, and management of your software

These problems occur when there is a mismatch between what a client needs and what a software development provider can really deliver. Finding this out before pulling the trigger on a project can save a lot of time, aggravation, and money.


4 Smart Questions to Ask During Vendor Evaluation

Every business has different needs and concerns they bring to the table. But here are some of the questions that we always recommend asking before you hire a software programming firm:

  • “Where are your developers?” Even a firm with a U.S. presence may be outsourcing work overseas where control over the project and your intellectual property is less well-defined.
  • “Do you have the staff and bandwidth to handle this project now?” A project can easily drag on for months beyond the expected delivery timeline because the custom software team is too small or overworked to realistically complete it on time.
  • “Are you available for daily contact?” High availability is a sign that the software firm takes accountability seriously. Having a dedicated point of contact who makes sure you get a timely response is ideal.
  • “What’s your proficiency in different technology stacks?” A firm that is familiar with only one or two computing languages and platforms will use these tools to try to solve every problem, regardless of whether it’s the best fit.


Let Us Get It Right the First Time

Ayoka often works with customers who have tried multiple vendors before arriving at our door. They describe a lot of confusion and lack of communication in their previous vendor relationships. Sometimes a portion of the client’s code can be salvaged and turned into something useful. Other times, it’s necessary to go back to the drawing board completely. We want to help you avoid that pain—or at least make it a distant memory—by delivering the best possible experience of custom software development. Call for a consultation today. We’re happy to answer all of your questions.

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