Connect Your Business Systems

Enterprise software integration can offer your business the means to modernize, consolidate, and coordinate operations in your business. Existing or legacy applications may not talk with other applications. Older applications may not been designed with the web in mind, limiting ways for people to work outside the office or exchange information. Reports may be time consuming to prepare, if information is in different databases or enterprise applications are not connected through middleware or web services.

Our goal is to see how your existing software fits into your vision of how your business should operate, then together we devise ways to efficiently reuse what already exists while adding new web, e-commerce or enterprise software.

Ayoka provides a highly skilled alternative to procuring these services from a typical U.S. based enterprise software application integration firm, such as IBM, EDS, or HP. Because Ayoka’s employees are all U.S. based and software development services are affordable, Ayoka is a cost-effective alternative to offshore software development.

Ayoka’s Web and Enterprise Integration Process

For Ayoka clients, the process of building an enterprise integration project begins with a combination of vision and impatience – what should our company look like, why aren’t we there yet, and what needs to change? These questions drive goals, project requirements, and technology. With a vision of what your company should look like, it’s possible to walk backwards, evaluate legacy systems, and put together a plan of reaching the goals.

Successful software integration considers several ideas:

  • Model business processes according to the vision, not simply how processes are performed today
  • Management practices – how will requirements be communicated and where will the work get done?
  • Vendor agnostic – technologies change too fast to be locked into a vendor or a company that specializes in one framework (e.g. .NET only)
  • SOA (service oriented architecture) approach to exchanging information
  • Reduced software licensing / IT costs – is open-source an option?

If Ayoka philosophies are a fit with your organization, please contact us to develop a solution for your enterprise application integration needs.