Custom Programming Services

Using custom programming services is very different from purchasing ready-to-use software. As the client, you are ultimately in charge of deciding what capabilities and functionality the application will have. That’s exciting, and it means there’s a huge potential for delivering business value through creating precisely the right custom application. But being in control of the design process is also a lot of responsibility. Part of Ayoka’s role as a Dallas/Fort Worth software development firm is to partner with you to develop a roadmap that makes the most of your investment. This process includes determining what should be built first and what can grow over time.

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Building Custom Software Is a Multi-Phase Process

The primary objective of the first phase of development is to deliver a minimum viable product (MVP). This means designing and creating a custom application with the minimum level of functionality to “get the job done” for your business. This conservative and agile approach offers a number of benefits:

  • The initial investment is limited, ensuring you have funds to complete the project and it is not abandoned partway through.
  • We can build more of the right thing and deal with fewer changes down the road.
  • Flexibility is inherent, so the scope of work and desired features of the application can be adjusted as needed as we progress.
  • You have a working application sooner and can start using it to improve and transform your business.


What Can Future Phases Include?

After the initial release, the custom software project can continue through additional stages:

  • Developing functions and features that will deliver high ROI. (Ideally, a custom software application pays for its own future development.)
  • Adding bells and whistles that matter most to stakeholders based on direct experience and feedback from users. (It’s surprising how often what seems important at first isn’t what people really want.)
  • Making the changes that will naturally need to occur over time as the tech environment evolves. (It’s great to be able to grow an app through the years to take advantage of new business opportunities through technology.)


Think Big and Start Lean with Ayoka

With our custom programming services team in DFW, we’re here for our clients over the long term. That’s why we don’t hesitate to help clients scale down a project for a prompt first release that is truly functional and poised for ongoing development in the right direction. We believe the custom application development process should be designed to grow with each client’s organization. It’s why so many of our clients keep coming back for more as they identify new areas of opportunity in business.

How can we help you capitalize on your custom software idea? Contact us today for a consultation.