Custom software design can be approached in a number of different ways. At Ayoka here in North Texas, we believe it’s important for a client and a software development firm to share a similar philosophy, attitude, or process. This goes deeper than just being able to deliver from a technical perspective. Being on the same page about how the entire interaction should go is the key to solid communication, low frustration, and a fantastic experience overall. Here are the three ways to approach a project and how you can tell what type of client you want to be:

Order Fulfillment

  • Teamwork
  • Solutions
  • Goals
  • Ongoing
  • Local
  • Relationship

Some custom software development firms are most comfortable when they receive exact specifications that they can use to build what the client wants. They don’t push back if they think there’s a better way to accomplish something or ask detailed questions about how the software will interact with a client’s business processes.

For clients who are confident that they know exactly what they need, there’s nothing wrong with this approach. Of you are in this category, you might be able to get your project accomplished by an overseas firm at a low cost.

For Best Results: Be cautious about choosing a reputable offshore company. Develop the scope of work in great detail before you hand it over for fulfillment.

Hands Off

Some custom software firms prefer to be the dominant partner in the design process. They are being hired to consult and advise, and they have a very specific idea in mind of how the goals of the project will be accomplished. They are not typically looking to work with clients who want to control the direction of the project or question the choices being made.

This approach can work for clients who have a short checklist of things they want to accomplish and simply want to get it done. If you don’t have any desire to be involved in the project or explore the full impact of the solution for your business, a software firm that takes the wheel entirely may be suitable for you.

For Best Results: Choose a firm that has already done something basically the same as you want done. Be willing to change other technology and processes in your business to match the solution provided by the software design firm.


At Ayoka, we don’t lead or follow. We prefer to walk alongside our clients through the software design process. While we can certainly build to spec if everything has already been worked out, it’s more common for clients to come to us with a business problem that requires thoughtful consideration to solve.

During the design phase, you can expect to have some of your assumptions or positions respectfully challenged. You might change our minds, and we might change yours. But in the end, we’ll find the best solution together. At the same time, we will keep the process moving forward for to ensure prompt delivery of a functional product.

For Best Results: Understand that some level of participation is a vital part of the process. We welcome a range of involvement so that you are a real partner in creating the software that will transform your business.

Are you the type of client who would enjoy the collaborative approach to custom software design? Contact Ayoka today so we can start working together to achieve your business goals.