Where can custom software development take a business? At Ayoka, this is the most exciting question we get to explore with clients here in Dallas. Texas in general has a healthy economy for many reasons. But the independent and adventurous attitude of the business owners and entrepreneurs who live and work here is a big part of the picture. Technology is often the component that makes it possible for these clients to reach their goals.

How Custom App Development Helps Businesses Grow

Here are a few quick examples of how customized applications open up new opportunities:

  • Competing in the Big Leagues: A client had been invited to bid on a huge project—bigger than anything they’d done before. But they had to be able to integrate their system with technology the customer already had in place to qualify as a vendor. With Ayoka’s help, this client was able to meet their prospective customer’s required specs, opening up an entirely new line of business and letting them compete on a grander scale.
  • Putting on a Show for Customers: A fiber-optic and wiring design and installation firm serving data centers came to us with an idea for an RFID asset management application. This app integrated with a system of passive tags and active readers to document and automate thousands of connections and identify and track physical assets in multiple locations. The client wanted to have a working prototype to roll out at a major trade show. Ayoka met the aggressive due date with time to spare for full testing and delivery of the system.
  • Driving a New Model for Car Service: This client owned a black car service (limos, town cars, etc.) and was dissatisfied with the treatment of drivers under the on-demand model. With third party brokers like Uber, there was no way for riders to request the same driver on an ongoing basis. Excellent drivers weren’t rewarded for delivering stellar service by being supported in growing a repeat client base. With this app, customers can tag the cars owned by their favorite drivers as “blue cars” and check their availability and location when booking a ride. Ayoka built the app so that this client could launch an entirely new software service that may well change the face of the black car service industry.

How Will You Grow Your Business?

Whether you have a concept for an internal business app or a product that can be pushed out to app stores, Ayoka is eager to hear about your custom software development project. Because we work exclusively in the United States, your intellectual property and trade secrets are protected—increasing the value of your company as well as your competitive advantage.

Contact Ayoka today to begin the discovery process. We look forward to helping your business grow and evolve with the right technology solutions.