If your company reached an impasse with a lack of desired functionality in off-the-shelf Windows software, then it may be time to consider a custom Windows application.  At Ayoka, located  in Texas, we have the capability to tailor an application to suit the needs of your users.

Our team will bring a variety of different skills to the table for custom development. However, we recognize that many businesses choose to stick with one environment such as Windows to keep their IT infrastructure as streamlined and uniform as possible. Above all, offer expert consultation, design, development, optimization, and maintenance for Windows application solutions to help your business stay on track with software that is familiar to your users.

What Purpose Can Customization Serve?

Sometimes, customization is the right choice because it’s less expensive or more effective than the alternative. For example, purchasing new software might mean paying for a bunch features that are not needed and getting stuck with high-priced maintenance contracts. We are happy to provide a solution that enables a business to achieve its objectives with cost-efficient custom service. If you need a full-scale makeover on your legacy system then we can consult with you on that process. Our goal is to always use the right suite of software tools to accelerate your business.

See below the areas where Ayoka can offer custom solutions for Windows:

  • An application, for instance, needs to be optimized for better performance and for integration with other software in your organization’s IT ecosystem.
  • Custom Windows services standardize and automate repetitive tasks without the need for ongoing manual intervention.
  • Data-mining and management, Business Intelligence tools, and custom reporting may require a custom approach.
  • A web-app may need to be tweaked therefore, making it functional offline for remote workers using a smart device. Helpful for those who are unable to maintain connectivity.
  • Expert intervention is needed to extend the lifespan of a legacy system or to modernize a portfolio of applications by transitioning them to .NET.
Ayoka Eases the Pain of Your Windows Software Problems

Our clients typically come to us for Windows application customization when existing software is reducing productivity. We believe that technology should not place constraints on how you run your business.  Also, It should support best practices that create operational efficiency. In addition, we strive to deliver a marketplace advantage that puts you ahead of competitors.

With any custom software project, you need to know:

  • A realistic budget and timeline
  • How the changes affect your existing systems
  • Any barriers in the way of achieving your objectives
  • Answers to any questions you have about the development process or the application itself
  • How the project is progressing over time

Along with domain expertise, Ayoka delivers a superior customer-service experience. We are well known for having a stellar record for clear, consistent, and accurate communication. Contact us at 817-210-4042 for a consultation.