Give Your Small Business a Leg up with Business Intelligence

Business intelligence processes are usually designed with the large corporations in mind. Small businesses don’t often have the budget or bandwidth to support these processes, which can make it seem like small businesses will always be at a disadvantage. However, that is not the case. There are business intelligence processes, such as Ayoka Systems’ process, designed with small businesses in mind. From design to development to implementation, Ayoka Systems works with the client in mind. Your goal is to grow and excel in your field, and ours is to help you get there. Are you interested in seeing how business intelligence can help your small business grow? This article will show you how Ayoka Systems and business intelligence can help.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence includes any set of skills, applications, technologies, processes, and practices that support the decision-making process. Originally, these systems were designed for large corporations. However, now small businesses can have them too. As a small business, this is important because more likely than not, you are competing with a large corporation within your field. The need to make educated decisions that will promote growth within your company is important. By having access to the same type of software and information about the infrastructure of your business as a larger corporation you are evening the playing field. As a result, you no longer have to be at an informational disadvantage.

Ayoka Systems’ Method

Here at Ayoka Systems, our goal is to help all businesses, not just the large ones. That means when it comes to business intelligence we have to do things differently than our competitors. It is our desire to work closely and in collaboration with our clients. The client has experience in a field we don’t know. We ask them to bring that experience and knowledge to the table. We can provide open-source and other innovative processes and applications to generate the visibility and information. Our experience also allows us to be creative and flexible in our designs. That experience means the client will always end up with a custom application that fulfills their needs.

Initially, we will sit down with our client and determine their needs. This meeting provides a framework of needed features and a time frame for the development of the application. Once we have the initial information and requirements, we will draft a Detailed Design Document. This document will outline how the application will look and work. The feedback provided by the client will determine the next step in the process.

If the client is happy with the Detail Design Document, we will begin developing the application. However, if the client comes back and says he or she is not satisfied, we will go back to the drawing board. We work until the customer is satisfied. While we are constructing the application we can schedule interim releases and demonstrations. These releases and demonstrations allow the client to both see the application in progress and begin to use it as it becomes available.

The Benefit of the Investment

When considering whether or not to invest in business intelligence, it is important to understand where the return will come from. Business intelligence promotes growth, no matter the size of the company. It provides greater visibility will which enhance the decision-making process.Clients can track key performance indicators in real time to enhance how they make decisions. They can improve customer service based on the information. Increased profits and better customer service can be directly linked. The investment is in the knowledge that will help businesses while making decisions.

Ayoka Systems’ experience allows us to help small businesses create business intelligence processes that are customized to their needs. We believe that business intelligence is quickly becoming a necessity for businesses. It is no longer just a luxury for large corporations. Enhanced visibility is needed with greater consumer demand. Business intelligence can be the answer. No matter the size of the company, Ayoka Systems can customize a process to best fit its needs. All of our processes are with the customer in mind. We want our clients involved in every step of the development process. We have been providing an innovative and client-focused approach to developing business intelligence since 2002. If you want to know how Ayoka Systems and business intelligence can help your small business, give us a call at (817) 210-4042.