Software Development for Universities

Sometimes, universities need custom solutions to meet their complex software needs. Universities have to meet the needs of thousands of people. Even more challenging, they have to meet those needs all the time at different levels. When technology evolves, shouldn’t universities take advantage of it? After all, many students will have to use that technology as they graduate and enter the workforce. Furthermore, software development for universities can make life easier for everybody who uses that software. In this post, we’ve listed just a few of the reasons why colleges go to Ayoka for their university software development needs. Keep reading to learn more.

Board and Leadership

When people think about software development for universities, they usually think about how that development will impact staff and students. Of course, university software development does impact those groups, and we’ll discuss them a little later. However, people sometimes overlook the fact that custom software can help school boards and leadership, too.

Ayoka’s software innovations can simplify a leadership team’s daily responsibilities. For example, with the right software, school board members may hold their meetings online instead of in person. They’ll reduce commute times and gain more efficiency. University software development can also help the leadership team turn raw data into usable information. This way, they can recognize university shortcomings, bolster strengths, and implement new ideas for improvement. As a result, software that benefits school leaders will ultimately benefit everyone at the university.

Empower Students

At Ayoka, we’re thrilled when a school board asks us to develop software to help students. With the right software development for universities, students can take their education to new levels and gain a sense of empowerment. First, university software changes can provide better usability. This usability will let students access information with ease. For instance, when they need to look up their degree requirements, such as labs and prerequisites, the right software can make this process easy. Students can also use university software to sign up for their classes online. Too many universities use software programs that can’t handle a large number of students signing up for classes. This problem leads to glitches, slow speeds, and a lot of frustrated students. With the right software development changes, universities can alleviate this frustration.

Furthermore, software upgrades can make life easier for students who take online classes. Even students who live on campus will take an online class every once in a while. These classes often become difficult, not because of the subject matter but because of the class format. University software development can create programs for faster, more intuitive online classes.

Engage Future Students

Software development for universities doesn’t just benefit current students. The Admissions department can use custom software to engage future students, too. A campus with up-to-date custom technology will prove far more appealing to today’s students than a campus with outdated technology. Furthermore, Admissions can use university software to track, maintain, and compare applications.

Maintain Alumni Relations

Just because a student has graduated doesn’t mean that he or she can’t stay in touch via university software. Universities gain a lot of resources thanks to alumni donations, and custom software can help universities accept and track those donations. Furthermore, university software can help schools create and print alumni communication materials like newsletters and magazines. Finally, it can store addresses so that those communications get sent to the right place.

Tools for Teachers

A lot of teachers and professors still use outdated tools for lesson planning. Software development for universities can change that. After all, don’t teachers deserve better? With new software options, teachers can use university resources to plan and store lessons. They could use the software to gather information for the syllabus, for example. They might also use university software to access lesson-specific tools, such as slide shows or video programs. Custom software can also help teachers use other resources and make them available for students. For instance, a teacher might use an online textbook, and custom software could help that teacher provide better access to the text. Finally, university software can also help teachers communicate with students as well as track and record grades.

Software Development for Universities

Interested in software development for universities? At Ayoka, we understand that finding the right software solutions can get difficult. It gets even more difficult when you work with such a complex structure as a university. Ayoka can help you simplify your software solutions. First, we’ll meet with you so that we can hear all about your university and its software needs. Next, we’ll work with you to develop a plan. Finally, we’ll build and then deploy that plan so that everyone at the university can enjoy the benefits. Ready for the best university software development? Then contact us at Ayoka. We’re ready to make your software dreams come true.