How to Streamline Your Shop Floor Management

How to Streamline Your Shop Floor Management.Photo by emirkrasnic on Pixabay [/caption]

Do you want to streamline your shop floor management? Unfortunately, knowing how to achieve this is often challenging. While there are many ideas and trends on how to streamline shop floor management, not all are effective. Overseas competition and economic pressures make it imperative for small and mid-size companies to take care of their customers. However, streamlined processes, customer satisfaction, and finally reduced scrape are necessities.

A shop floor management solution could be the answer to your company’s needs and concerns. Further, a customized shop floor management solution can provide comprehensive real-time management of activities happening on the shop floor. To help you, we’ve compiled a few ways that your company can benefit from a shop floor management solution with a little information about each solution.

The Foundation

The solution starts with a customized and robust database. The customization of your solution revolves around your company’s specific needs and concerns. The database manages all the information captured on your shop floor, and a vast range of devices can be utilized to obtain that information. These devices include operators’ PCs, barcode scanners, test equipment, and equipment that uses PLC communication and monitoring. From there, the devices organize all the data collected. Organized data will be accessible to approved managers and operators. Enable a smooth workflow by having all of the critical information in an easily accessible database. Once you have the solid foundation of your solution in place, you will see the benefits start to develop and grow.

Streamline Processes

Potentially, a shop floor management solution can provide better visibility and information in a timely manner for your managers. This can assist shop floor supervisors to manage their production responsibilities. A custom solution can also track employee productivity, making it easy to see who is thriving and who needs help. As a result, it simplifies all employee evaluations and progress reports. Moreover, the database can assess employees and whether they are adhering to set production processes. This can ensure best practices are being met. The solution can also set managers up to improve and increase process maturity levels. The overall increased visibility will create a forum for management to improve productivity and streamline systems. These improvements will optimize and streamline your production process.

Reduced Scrape and Reworking

Scrape materials and pieces that need reworking can be costly both in time and monetary expense. A custom shop floor management solution can help you cut down those costs. Monitor and pull information in real time on defects through inspections and first pass yields. You can also analyze your quality control standards against your current production performances. This is a great tool to ensure your production system is running at its best. Display goals in addition to progress through production metrics designed to analyze just that information. These metrics can make progress meetings a breeze. You can have enhanced control over work in progress inventory. A custom system can integrate with maintenance and inventory management applications to support scheduling of downtime and maintenance. This will create better control of your entire production system.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is always a concern. It is necessary to ensure your customers are satisfied with your work. This is especially true with the increase of overseas competition. Timeliness is another major concern. A shop floor management solution can ensure on-time delivery. Utilize the system to predict task completions. A helpful system can keep your team on target. A custom solution can also help improve support operations that lead to customer deliveries. It can enable companies to respond quickly to various requirements such as reporting and tracking. Improve customer logistics through a custom solution. Make transportation and efficient billing easy for both parties. A simplified and efficient system will increase customer satisfaction.

There are many methods you can try to achieve a streamlined shop floor, but the best is always a custom fit. Clients come to you because you are the right fit for them, your shop floor management solution should be the same way. Your company is unique. Your production assistance needs are specific. The best way to answer those specific and unique needs is a customized solution. With you in the driver’s seat, you can develop a system that enables your company to be the best it can be. You also minimize wasted time and materials and create a system that allows higher visibility for all necessary parties. Moreover, you can treat your customers with the courtesy you wish to. Find out if a customized shop floor management solution is right for your company.

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