How Used Car Marketing Software Drives Sales

If you are a dealership looking to improve used care sales you should consider used car marketing software. Used car marketing software can take time-consuming tasks off of your to-do list through atomization freeing you to focus on closing deals. Best of all, used car marketing software uses various elements to drive up sales for your dealership.

For example, the software automates ad development and lead generation. Additionally, you can embed direct links into the ads, increasing the number of clicks for specific vehicles. The software also works in partnership with SEO. It provides you with up to date analytics and algorithms that help optimize your ads. Likewise, the software connects with your running inventory, ensuring that you only advertise cars that you currently have in stock. Used car marketing software can improve your sales numbers by automating marketing processes and taking out the guesswork.

Ad Development

Online ads take time to design and develop; the process is painstakingly time-consuming. Moreover, once you develop the ad, you still have more work to do. For example, after development, you need to repeatedly test and analyze it to determine it’s success rate and optimal audience. It feels like a never-ending process but is nevertheless vital to improving sales.

Thankfully, marketing software automates this process, giving you freedom from the process of developing and testing ads. It does all the work, even going so far as to determine the right audience and the best times to use the ad. By automating the process, you are freeing your team up to improve your sales in other areas.

Lead Generation

You can improve your business through lead generation by utilizing used car marketing software. Your time is valuable, and you don’t need to spend it trying to generate leads. With marketing software, you can remove that task from your to-do list. It automatically generates leads by utilizing online ad platforms such as Google and Facebook. These platforms require the ads that your software has already automatically processed for you. With these ads in place, the software can work in tandem with social media platforms to advertise your dealership and the cars you have in stock. Moreover, they also generate clicks and leads that your employees can easily close. Lead generation no longer requires feet on cement or waiting for people to come to you. Through the help of used car marketing software, the leads come to you.

Direct Links

Direct links are another great way to generate sales. For instance, you can directly link an ad with a specific car on your website. As a result, interested parties then travel from one site, through your ad, and onto your page for that car. It removes any risks associated with distraction or disinterest. If a car interests the individual and they want to see more, then the direct link ensures a pleasant user experience. We all know that better user experiences are more likely to lead to a sale than a bad experience. Used car marketing software helps manage the direct link process on the backside of your ads and website.


Search engine optimization is a fantastic tool to use to drive sales. Used car marketing software can work with SEO to determine which ads perform the best through algorithms. With this information, the software will recommend which ads to use and what advertising phrasing to use to generate new sales. Consider it brainpower you and your team don’t need to use. Instead, you remove the guesswork, and the analytical and algorithm results are laid out plain for you to see.

Accurate Inventory

Most likely, you don’t want to advertise a car that no longer sits in your inventory. Thankfully, used car marketing software keeps you connected to your live inventory. For example, it generates ads and direct links to cars that are currently available for sale. Additionally, once a salesperson sales the car, it removes it. This is an incredible tool as it saves you time from having to go in and manually remove ads. You can even program the software to stop advertising a car as soon as an associate marks it as sold in your inventory. The software will bring people to your site through ads advertising only cars you have in stock. In turn, this helps to drive your sales.

Utilizing used car marketing software will streamline your ad process and ensure you are only advertising cars you have in stock. If you would like to drive up the sales for your dealership and enhance your ad development process, then used car marketing software is right for you. Ayoka Systems can help you throughout the entire process. Contact us today and we can help you understand the steps and even more of the benefits.