Do you have a successful, growing Texas business that is ready to leapfrog the competition, grow valuation, and boost profitability? We want to invest in your success.

Introducing Our Capital + Tech Program from Our Founder

 “Often, all well-run businesses need to explode in growth and skyrocket in value is to transform their technology. But they don’t always have the capital to do that. As an investor AND a technologist, I’m uniquely positioned to help. That’s why I’m putting my own investment capital into local Texas businesses.”

 – Eknauth Persaud, Marine, CEO of Ayoka Systems

Reach Eknauth directly:


Office Main Number: 817-264-6734


About Ayoka Systems

Ayoka is a 100% U.S. based in-house team providing custom software development in Texas, Louisiana, and Colorado. We are a Marine owned and led company with a long track record of helping business grow and succeed. We have spent the past 2 decades using technology to solve complex operational problems for small to mid-sized companies.

Types of Businesses We Want to Invest In

Manufacturing | Industrial | Logistics | Construction | Service Companies | Healthcare 

We help our business partners make the most of what they have and tackle their technical challenges head on. When you work with us, you can:

  • Keep legacy systems operational and useful for longer
  • Upgrade and add features to software you already use
  • Build new custom software to conquer the status quo and transform your business 

We strongly believe in working with local companies and providing 100% made in the USA solutions to help you build your American dream business.

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Our Dallas / Fort Worth Headquarters in the Entertainment District of Arlington

Custom Software and Capital from Ayoka. Don’t Compromise.