Systems Integration Services Can Change Your Business for Good

Ayoka’s systems integration services are in demand like never before, using technology to deliver business solutions for all types of local companies. These are some of the most fascinating projects to work on, because they aren’t just about the code. What we build for clients can reach deep inside their business processes and create real change.

Coding for a Cleaner Business Model

As an example, we recently had the pleasure of working with a manufacturer of industrial laundry equipment. They wanted to reduce the cost of on-site support for their equipment and sell more machinery to large textile companies. To corner more of their target market and provide a better service experience, this company needed solutions that offered more control over their complex, commercial grade equipment.

For this client, Ayoka designed and developed a production monitoring and automation application that offered detailed visualization and reporting on operations. This .NET / SQL Server based application used Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) to refresh specific areas of the web user interfaces, such as temperature gauges and motor speed, to display one-second data collection intervals from microprocessors. BI reporting tools are built in as well. Today, this customized, comprehensive solution allows this manufacturer to continuously improve equipment performance—and keep customers satisfied.

Is Your Company Ready to Go Deep with Embedded Tech?

Ayoka is taking embedded technology into new areas all the time. We want to learn about your business and identify areas where software can integrate with process control systems to revolutionize an industry—with your company leading the way. Call us at 817-210-4042 to explore the potential of technology to transform your business.