Custom Healthcare Software Development That’s Secure & Compliant

At Ayoka, we build custom software that helps you conquer the status quo, put an end to “We can’t”, and make your healthcare organization run the way it SHOULD.

Our Software Development Team Can Help:

  • Keep your legacy systems working longer
  • Upgrade and add features to your existing software
  • Take on ambitious new software projects to grow your business

At Ayoka, we have a long track record of creating robust, innovative healthcare solutions that are HIPAA compliant and highly secure.

How We Ensure Your Success

The #1 thing you will notice is this: We ASK BETTER QUESTIONS so you get a better result.

We reduce development time and improve project outcomes by making sure you get what you REALLY want and need, including the things you didn’t know to ask for!

We collaborate closely with you & your team to end up with software that they WANT to use every day.

Why Work with a Local Software Company?

We get on-site and hands-on with understanding YOUR organization and processes to build software that solves your real problems.

100% US based team – Collaborative Process – Affordable Options – Secure and Reliable Solutions – Software Your People Want to Use – No Hidden Costs – Full Long Term Support


Ask about our program that lets you get custom software tailored to YOUR business for an affordable monthly fee with a minimal upfront investment.

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