• Embedded C
  • SDK + API
  • Flash + OTA
  • Bluetooth / GSM
  • WiFi / SubGHz
  • GPS + Accelerometer

Ayoka is a Made in USA, Texas embedded development company, with real employees that perform custom Dallas firmware programming for hardware components. We serve clients in a range of industries, from industrial, energy, consumer electronics to medical devices. When control of your intellectual property matters, choose Texas firmware development.

With embedded software, limitations are dictated by the constraints of the hardware platform for which the application is being designed. The developers need to be more in-tune with the capabilities of the hardware and are usually focused on exploiting those capabilities and leveraging their knowledge of the device to get the most out of it. Comparatively, C# .NET programming and web application development is limited more by the confines of browser support, database and server processing and plugin API’s.

An embedded programming company may not know all 1’s and 0’s of the devices they are programming for or PCB layouts, but they are more concerned with the interaction of the components. Our software team is often a participant in the board design, to enable us to work closely with the hardware engineers to understand what devices the program will run on and designing and efficient path to get the application to do what is needed. Through in-person meetings and other hands on sessions, the embedded development company can focus on controlling and managing the device and ultimately processing data (reporting, data-entry, data-processing).

Contact us today to see how Ayoka will go beyond embedded development services – we design security for OTA (Over The Air) updates, connect hardware devices to cloud computing platforms with SQL and NoSQL databases, and provide user experience UX design to present data on intuitive, modern user interfaces for web and mobile app development.